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      I asked this on a different forum – for the life of me I cannot find it to upload pictures. Here’s another go at it. I have a friend who ran a small record label back in the late 80’s and we helping him clean out his storage recently. Had a box of demos that had a smashing pumpkins demo tape – the \"gish basement tape\", from what I found. Does anyone have any recent sales of this to put a number on what it’s possibly worth?



      Thanks for any info!


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      it’s worth whatever someone is willing to pay (annoying answer)

      i’d estimate that tape to fetch over $250 (better answer)

      throw it up on eBay and see what happens! (best answer)

      hope this helps! :)

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      hi there. the forum you originally posted this on was on i remember your thread there. this forum has disappeared now, and been replaced by (i’m not sure if that messageboard is coming back or not.) so that explains why you can’t find it anymore.

      good luck with this tape. the insert looks a bit dirty, but this is rare and old, so i agree with the other estimate: it’ll make a good sum of money. it’s hard to say how much exactly. could be $100, could be a lot more.

      there are about 400 copies, according to … cog_id=119.

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      I’m interested in that tape. Send me a message please :)

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