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    Does anyone have any addtional information on this one?  Is this a professionally recorded SBD from 1992???  

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    just a guess, but it looks like cd-r transfer of the DAT master of the (one?) audience recording of that show.

    you can download it here:

    not really sure why this is under “official cd releases”, or why it’s part of the collection at all. i personally wouldn’t add it to the collection.
    i think the DAT master has more right to be part of the SPfreaks collection, but even that item i personally wouldn’t add. (just a matter of limiting what gets added. if you start adding DATs and cd-rs of audience recordings, not coming from the band or the record label, there’s no end to it.)
    or i’d put both of them under “unofficial”.

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      I agree with you, Bram.  Assuming the DAT is an audience recording of the show then I don’t think it should be listed.  I was just giddy when I saw it was categorized as “official cd release”.  I would love to hear a professionally recorded SBD from the Gish era.

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