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      What is it about music that causes so much reaction within us?

      How has it caused some to go so far as murder? Did the listener already have the tendencies, while particular songs \"spoke to them\" somehow…

      Do you believe people are affected differently to others, or does liking, say, Thirty-three, feel ‘the same’ to each individual?

      I had a conversation recently where my friend said: \"If I give you a green Apple, are you in fact seeing it in Orange, but are lead to believe that Orange is Green?\" :!:

      ^ Made me think of the initial questions. :) :idea: :?:

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      It is undeniable that music connects with people, in so many ways.

      Some music makes me cry, some makes me massively angry.

      But I do believe people have to have those tendencies to start with. What one person finds heartbreaking, another person sees as nothing more than whiny crap. The former is probably a more sentimental, more emotional person to start with, and vice-versa.

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      I agree; I don’t think music is seen the same way by everyone. We all have our own preferences and weaknesses.

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      yeah, i believe the person already had those tendencies to start with. i think if someone blames music for their actions that’s just a lousy attempt to get away with murder (pun intended)

      and i agree, each person interprets a song differently according to his or her own personal life experiences and emotions.

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      I think music connects everyone in the same way but it is their emotional attachments that decide
      if it’s a happy song or love song. It’s all about how you feel when you listen to it.

      Also, I think murderers that listen to music already have the desire to kill, so their mind subconsciously
      sends them fake messages that killing is right to justify their cause, like a defense mechanism. They just
      use music as a safety net and use the music told me to do it excuse.

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      my most recent boughts with love made me go back to a bunch of songs i used to love and appreciate them on a different level.

      back before, i knew i liked the songs (either just musically, or thought lyrics were \"cool\"). but now, after relistening, i can appreciate the words on a completely different level. i connect to them differently now.

      so i used to myself see songs in one, immature color, and now the colors in some songs bleed into my soul on a much deeper level.

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      To me, one of the most amazing things about music is how it can bring such strong memories to the front of your mind. Certain songs just whisk me back to a certain place and time with certain people. Smells do the same thing, but maybe even moreso. But there are a few songs that whenever I hear them, BOOM! I’m back at some point in my past. I have them for all time periods, all the way from elementary school to high school to college to recently.

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      what song would you want playing as you entered heaven? heavy question, i think i’d want something funky and fun. maybe play that funky music white boy. something like that.

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      why does that not surprise me?
      that’s a good question…I always imagine some frightening angel voices singing so loud that you have to cover your ears or maybe it’s a guitar I hear :lol:
      some SP song for me..maybe all of them it will take awhile to get to heaven ;)

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