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      Cool As Ice Cream

      hey guys

      i have a promo video from delabel that supposedly has live clips (or maybe even full songs) from the MCIS era. problem is, it’s in PAL format and over in the states, we have NTSC. so right now, i can’t even view it to confirm what’s on it.

      is there somewhere/way i can go to have this coverted maybe to some sort of digital format? anyone here ever done that before?

      i saw in skymall magazine record/cassette to CD and vhs to DVD converters, but they ran around $350 each. plus i don’t know if the vhs works for PAL.

      anyway, please let me know if you have any suggestions, thanks!

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      redbull at netphoria seems to be busy transferring some vhs tapes at the moment. i’m not sure if he can do pal ones. but maybe you should ask him.
      you can also contact him via email or aim: … :Rhinowing

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      or you get yourself a vcr which plays PAL?
      i’ve got me one that play NTSC just for my video tape collection of TSP…
      or you send the tape over to Europe and ask one of us with the proper equipment (i don’t have that possibility unfortunately) to transfer the tape to DVD…

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      i don’t know the rhinowing person. where do they live?

      good suggestion sven. i could look into getting a PAL player, but then i’d have to transfer it. i’ll head over to eBay to see what’s for sale.

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      after a little internet searching, i found a place that’ll do it for $15. NOT BAD!!!!!

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      rhinowing is one of the main splra guys. his name is ben. i believe he lives somewhere in IL, US.
      i don’t know what equipment he has, but he’s definitely been busy transferring vhs tapes he got from someone’s collection.
      he also has an account on, but he’s only made one post on the forum so far: … ile&u=1410

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      a place that will do it for $15 isn’t bad either. and they probably have very decent equipment to transfer the tape. well, i would assume they do.

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