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      Hi everybody! This is also from MySpace (Asheville Fans)

      I wont to into too much detail (check the opening night blog to more info on checking in, ect.). I got a ticket to this show by chance. I just called up the OP and asked if they were selling tickets for the 26th. They said no, they had sold out, but they were selling for tomorrow. So, I drove down, gave them a twenty dollar bill and I was set! I got there around 12 pm this time. I ended up in the second row again for the first few songs, then two people in the front left and I go to take their place . Soooooo….I was front row for most of the show!

      I’m going to give a shout-out to one of the Asheville SP fan page friends I met in line….Tori! It was great meeting you! How did you like that Scissors for Lefty lead singer? hahaha…

      Well, I personally think this has been the best show so far (which included the 29th performace). The band was just ON and the set list was GREAT! We got Aeroplane and Fuck You for the first time! Starting out the show with those brand new songs was pretty cool. \"I’m Doing the Best I Can\" was kinda funny to me….listen to the recording I linked to above. Oh yeah, and ROTTEN APPLES! I like \"With Every Light,\" but it seemed like a weird way to close the night after so much rockin. Maybe it was a way for us to \"come down\" after such an amazing show, hahaha. After the show, I got one of Ginger’s guitar picks.

      Then I went out back to see the band. They didn’t start leaving until close to 2 am. SP’s security guy made us move to the other side of the street and said the band may come over or they might not. He also said they weren’t doing autographs. First, Jeff came out, but decided to not come over. Then Ginger and Lisa came out, came over and talked for a second. Ginger is sooo small in person! But they were both really nice and sweet. Then Jimmy came out, waved at everyone and got in the van. Finally, Billy came out and walked across the street to talk for a minute.

      I didn’t ask anything (I wouldn’t know what to say!) but people were asking all sorts of random questions. Then some guy asked him about Netphoria and said the real fans loved him on there, to which Billy said, \"bullshit.\" After more random/pointless questions (\"when are you going to play ________?\" \"What are they chances of you playing ______ and _______ on the 2nd?\"), he got tired of it and left. I don’t blame him.

      Guys, if you’re going to hang around to talk the band, think of something better to say than, \"OMG, when will you play Geek USA?!?!?\" I’m sure he comes across that kind of crap all the time these days. Besides, he can’t and/or wont give you an answer, anyway.

      I’m most def. going again on the 2nd and the 5th (I already have tickets), but I may try to get in tonight or on the 3rd. I’m not going to have any money/energy left by the time they leave Asheville! But I love it!

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