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      I was checking the SPfreaks entries on, and came along the Bullet with Butterfly Wings one from June. I must’ve missed that before, somehow.


      I was just wondering, who provided that picture? (Let me guess: Was it Geo?) Where and when did you get the almanac? Was it expensive?

      I once found a copy of that almanac a couple of years ago, but it got lost in the mail. I’m still sad about that. Seeing it pop up on immediately threw me back to my search back then. Good to see that another collector was able to track this down.
      I’ve also got that postcard.
      What I didn’t realise is how small that almanac is. I thought it’d be a bit larger, but now that I see it together with the postcard, cd and cassette tape, it’s clear that it’s not actually that large.

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      Yeah. Some stuff from my stash. I think I gave $5 for it. It’s one of my saved searched items on ebay. Daily I look at all the Burdock Blood Bitters items 🙂

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      aha, i see. thank you for the answers.
      i stopped looking after the disappointment of finding and losing one. maybe i should pick it up again.

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