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      Cool As Ice Cream
      Spectator … -pumpkins/

      Some extra info from Mr. Ignoffo-

      The Smashing Pumpkins \"Moon\" demo tape and \"The 5 Song Sampler (Gish Basement Tape) – do you know how many were made?

      A. Sorry, I don’t know because I wasn’t involved in the duplication of the cassettes. I don’t think I ever got a copy, but I still have the Master DAT tapes which we made a copy of to send to Virgin Records. Billy did send me the 45 with \"I am one\" when that was completed. I remember a client in Florida came in with the Lull EP and asked \"Have you seen this\"? I hadn’t and I was blown away by the credit for me he put inside the liner.

      -Was there ever a tape called \"The Ignoffo Tape\"?

      A. There was never an official \"Ignoffo Tape\" that I know of but many people have referred to a collection of things I recorded as The Ignoffo Tape or the \"Reel Time Sessions\".

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      thanks, geo.

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