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      huh, what’s that?

      this has to be fake, right? it doesn’t look very convincing, this homemade \"promo cd\".
      (also, what promo cd literally says \"promo cd\"? i don’t think i’ve seen that before.)

      i’m surprised it went for $135. that’s a lot. even if this was real, that’d be a very high price for a promo cd-r.

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      I haven’t seen the \"SP Heart\" logo used in a long time, also the typeface is from MCIS. This doesn’t make sense. I would have to say fake.

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      on a sidenote, ebay links can easily be reduced by only keeping the item number. like this:

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      that seller seems to have been selling quite a lot of fairly dodgy looking promo cd-rs, often for a huge amount of money. there’s no negative feedback though. i wonder what’s going on there.

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      the cds i’ve checked all have the same layout. band name at the top. a band or record company logo on the left and the compact disc logo on the right. the track title with track length at the bottom.

      also, the type of cd-r and the type of thin jewel case seem to be the same for all of these promos.

      very suspicious. everything points in the direction of these being made by the same person. i can’t believe they’re getting away with this.

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      The seller said the back of the CD case was blank also. It’s hard to imagine SP had a music video for this but no promo or single. I’m sure this is a boot though

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      Maybe it’s Tristan :)

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      Wonder who won it, it almost got me for a moment.

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      Fake. Nuff said.

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