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      I had a time in my life where I went to some festivals and concerts hiding my recording gear and went looking for the best place in the audience to get the best sound.
      It was in the beginning of my relationship with my wife. when I think about it now it really makes you realize how much love there must have been (is)
      We went to concerts. Setting up the mic on me and then into the crowd to find a good place. Always silent during the hole show. Always trying to scape the shouters and so on……
      Would love to try it out today with her :-)

      Well anyway. I looked through my old recordings..

      I did get some boots out there. Not selling a million but I think I sold about 20 of each :-)

      What I got in SP -way is:

      The whole show from Skansen, Soliden stockholm 25/5-98
      The whole show from Tivoli, kopenhagen 26/5 -98

      Is there any interest in those or should I just let the recording be?

      Those shows were not transferred to boots. But I got them recorded.

      But I did make a boot of the soliden show, but the sound is from the TV-air.
      Better sound than this I think. … ootcd.flac

      I then got a boot from The Roskilde Festival 97–06-28
      I don’t know if there is another recording from this concert?

      let me know if someone is interested.

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      Nice post, thank you. :)

      I’d be interested in hearing all the versions you recorded, especially the Tivoli to see how that rawks compared to my bootleg (second link below).

      If you were willing to upload the files as .wav (lossles and no compression) without any changes, they’d be of interest at Zomb Torrents and the LMA; I’m sure. I’d be happy to seed the Zomb ones, with all credits to you (they’d be converted into .flac files and without quality loss). You’d need to use as few steps as possible, minimise the ‘lineage,’ plus give all the details about the equipment used, etc.

      For example: Sony 1979 Tape recorder > Line In > PC > Etc. … &item=1366

      Maybe Arthur & Co. will have other ideas and/or suggestions you might want to consider. \\m/

      PMed email address for if you want to chat about it any time. :wink:

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      of course there are people who’d be interested. go for it.

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