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      Cool As Ice Cream

      According to this link, there will be a vinyl re-release of the Singles soundtrack in February 2011: http://www.cdwow.com/home/soundtrack-si … p/15625449

      The label is listed as \"Music on Vinyl\", which isn’t the original label. This always alarms me a bit.
      But I found their website and it doesn’t look bad: http://www.musiconvinyl.com

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      This is very legit label with very nice releases, so no worries…

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      yeah, yeah, i noticed that when i checked their website.

      so this is good news for everyone who’d like drown on vinyl and doesn’t want to spend a fortune.

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      Music On Vinyl’s resolution of the covers of the re-issues are crap (especially their \"earlier\" releases from 2009- Alice In Chains Dirt and Jar Of Flies). However, since they got that pointed out a few months ago, I think that they improved a bit on the covers. The sound though, is great.

      They will also release Mad Seasons Above from 1997 before next year. They release only from Sonys catalog.

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      is this supposed to sound exactly the same as the original?
      if so, i’ll have to check it out.

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      is this supposed to sound exactly the same as the original?[/quote:34rrpg83]
      i don’t know. i can’t find the release on the music on vinyl website.

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      cheers, cream.
      sod it, i’ll get it anyway.

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      there might be more info once it’s been released.

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      i asked will it sound the same or is there an added generation..

      \"we have our inhouse mastering dept. at the record plant, so yes
      we do give the LP our own touch. We take a lot of pride in our release and
      are aware that reputation and word-of-mouth are valuable and should be
      treated carefully. In the end , it’s the listener that decides, but we dare
      to say our 180 grams LP’s sound AWESOME!\"

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      coolio, mike.

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      the release date has been changed to 9 may on cdwow.com now. :?

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      according to the link from cdwow.com, this was released yesterday (3 may 2011).

      still can’t find this release on the music on vinyl website though…

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      http://www.cdwow.com/home/soundtrack-si … p/15625449

      Released 03/05/2011
      Music Genre Soundtrack

      Unavailable for purchase at this time[/quote:3ilpix9l]

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      I contacted Music On Vinyl about this release.

      They’re still planning to release this, but they don’t know when, or even if it will happen. \"Legal & business issues…\"

      Hoi Bram

      Tja, die had eigenlijk allang van de CDWOW site verwijderd moeten zijn.
      Staat nog in de planning maar wanneer en of ???????
      Legal & business issues….
      Het beste is om je te abonneren op onze nieuwsbrief, zodra we o.k krijgen
      zal hij zeker daarop aangekondigd worden.

      Groet Michiel
      Music On Vinyl[/quote:1p2ulu57]

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      From a collector standpoint, why isn’t the Dutch version in the database? I have a copy and can’t seem to find much info on it. Likewise, I have never seen a copy available on eBay or other websites either. Is this pressing less available than Brazil/Korea?

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      i wouldn’t think the dutch version is rarer than the other two. isn’t the dutch version the standard version for all of europe and north america? (or was it never available in the united states?)

      i think it’s not on spfreaks.com because nobody has made scans yet.

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      thanks honeymade, i’ll try to get on that soon. can you provide the matrix #s from the vinyl itself (both sides)?

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      I can’t say that this was widely available in the US but I did purchase it from a local shop (The single largest collection of vinyl in the world) that is now out of business called Record Rama. But that was several years ago now and haven’t seen another copy since. This is why I assumed it was more ‘rare’

      Side 1

      Side 2

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      as an active collector for many years now, i would like to offer my opinion that this particular item, for whatever reason, is rare to quite rare (meet the parents reference, for those playing along).

      i still don’t own this pressing. it’s not that i haven’t seen it over the years, i have. but on those rare occasions, it goes for what i consider to be too much money.

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      also, thank you MB

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      once i paid a lot of money for the brazilian release, but the seller never sent it to me. boo-urns! :cry:

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      boo-urns! :cry:[/quote:3pw68wxp]

      Football in the groin! Football in groin!

      *NOTICE* This is my 100th post. First time for me on any forum.

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      Football in the groin! Football in groin![/quote:3px6kmve]
      But Marge, the football! The groin! It works on so many levels.

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      anything ever happen w/ this?

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      *** BUMP ***

      The Singles soundtrack is finally getting a deluxe reissue.
      Not on “Music on Vinyl” as announced a couple of years ago, but on Sony Music.

      Should be released on a double cd and a triple lp.

      In 2015, BC had this to say about Drown and the Singles soundtrack:

      Smashing Pumpkins‘ “Drown” and Alice in Chains‘ “Would?” are both classic songs that garnered attention on the soundtrack to the 1992 Cameron Crowe film Singles, but according to Billy Corgan, the success of “Drown” was stymied by the label behind the soundtrack due to their pushing of Alice in Chains’ hit. According to Alternative Nation, Corgan revealed the slight during a VIP Q&A session in Atlanta. He recalled, “Although that was a great opportunity for us at the time, it codified that somehow we were part of something we weren’t a part of.” He added, “We put the song ‘Drown’ … on there. The soundtrack was on I believe Epic or Sony. Well, they were pushing Alice in Chains’ song ‘Would?,’ which is a classic. It’s a great song. They were pushing that, but ‘Drown’ actually started to get traction at radio. It was actually our first song that had momentum at radio, and Epic killed the song because they didn’t want it to take away from [Alice in Chains].” The singer continued, “That’s classic record company. You would think, ‘Hey, you’ve got this soundtrack. You’ve got two songs working radio, you’re going to sell more soundtracks.’ They killed our single to make sure that it wouldn’t hurt the Alice in Chains thing.” Corgan holds no ill will toward Alice in Chains, adding, “I can’t complain, because I love Alice in Chains and I’m friends with Jerry [Cantrell], and it’s all good, but what I’m saying is that’s the kind of stuff nobody ever hears about — where actually, in the old record business, and they still do it, you’ll kill something where it makes no sense. Why would you kill something that it is working and working with the public? So that song actually didn’t become as big as it would have become because the record company that held the copyright killed it.” The singer says he did get a bit of revenge years later when the label approached him for the 20-year reissue of the soundtrack. “They asked for their demo, and I told them to f–k off. Slight revenge. I took money out of my own pocket, but that’s the way it goes.”

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      all these reissues.  enough already

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      The release of this deluxe edition has been pushed back to May 19.
      https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01MRUNUUT (2cd)
      https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01N6E21A7 (3lp)

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      Any minute now…

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      Hi! Haven’t been here for quite some time. Did anybody managed to get this one for decent price? https://www.newburycomics.com/collections/exclusive-vinyl/products/various_artists-soundtrack-singles_exclusive_2_lp?variant=36935740556

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      hey @spag,

      didn’t know about that.  i missed out.  people want around $100 for it online.  it’s limited to 1000 so i’m sure plenty of people will pay $100 for it.

      i’m still bummed about chris cornell’s passing and find the timing of this release too macabre.  almost like i don’t want to be a part of it right now.

      hope you’re doing well. good to see you ’round these parts.

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      to be honest, though, the timing is pure coincidence.
      i pre-ordered this back in january, if i’m not mistaken.
      but yes, it’s scarily close to his passing.

      cd and 2lp+cd arrived today.
      i haven’t listened to it yet.

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      oh, and i also had no idea there was a limited run on blue and white marbled vinyl. totally missed out on that. oh well.

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      i found one for $72.  not cheap, but certainly not $100 or more.  cool.

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      they’re very nice looking vinyl records, with the blue and white, and i wouldn’t mind owning a set.

      but what a dick move to only press 1,000 and not sell this outside of the US. no wonder it sold out in no time and people are now selling it at twice the price or more.
      just look at all the artists on the soundtrack. a lot of those bands have their own crowd of collectors, including the smashing pumpkins. so i assume the demand is a lot higher than for a limited release of just smashing pumpkins or pearl jam, for example.
      $72 is better than $100, but i’d still feel ripped off. also, all of these are in the US, so there are high shipping costs and probably import taxes too.

      i think i’ll pass for now.

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