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      some pumpkins

      i was facebooking today, and saw a few pictures of friends that i went to college with. they were all dressed up and smiling. on one hand, i was happy they were happy. on the other hand, i was i guess jealous? i don’t have that because i moved away after college, leaving all my friends behind. and i work with people who have 10-15 years on me, so we don’t have that much in common. and i hate meeting people anyway.

      so do you think it’s better to keep a close circle of friends that you never leave, or to venture out and constantly try to make new friends?

      i gotta tell you, i’m a little bored with both options. :(

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      Hehe, funny question… I just do with friends what feels good. Sometimes I don’t see them for 1 year or more, and I have 1 friend that I know for 37 years already, and it’s always good to see him. We never fight, we never feel uncomfortable. There was 1 Highschool friend that I had to really kick away, on the other hand, as I go so fed up with his dominant behaviour. He always wanted to win, every little game we played, every girl we saw should be attracted to him, etc. Bleh.

      Don’t be mistaken by pics. My pics are always happy and funny and whatever, but I have my fair share of shit also. But no camera catched that… Everybody has his/her fair share of shit. Don’t be jealous.

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      Yeah, I was just thinking that, those people look happy in the pictures but they might be miserable inside.

      I know how you feel though. I don’t talk to many people I knew in school. I have a few friends that I met after all that, but we don’t get to hang out very often. The place I am most of the time (work) aside from one person, there is not really anyone here that I feel is a good friend. Acquaintances yes, but only for the purpose of small talk at the office.

      It is hard to meet new friends, for me it is anyway. I have always had trouble making friends. I guess it goes back to the days when my so called ‘best friend’ in middle school suddenly ditched me for no reason. After that I was always afraid I would do something wrong and make people hate me.

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      some pumpkins

      friends are overrated, but I wish I still had some

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