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      Have you ever received a gift that you never opened? A gift you resented? A gift you refused?

      Has anyone ever actually looked a gift horse in the mouth? What about from the side? Dorsal view? Anal?

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      i once received a box of love from my grandma, mostly. but it was signed by her, her husband (my grandpa), my father, and my uncle. three of which are no longer part of my earthly reality. they exist only in my brain imprints. strong, branding imprints.

      one of the best gifts i’ve ever been given. it had sealed love inside and was wrapped in red ribbons and signed by all four. i’ve not opened to this day, to preserve the love inside. the note said that if i ever needed to feel loved, all i had to do was open the box and the love would be felt. i think i would perhaps go to my grave holding the box than let that love dissipate into the air (or my heart, as it were).

      i do not know where it is though. which is a bit of a tragedy. i think it’s at my parent’s house.

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      I received a couple of birthday gifts I will probably never use.
      A spiral cutter that makes fancy spirals in apples, etc
      and a chopper/shaker thing that chops up cheese/nuts/herbs and sprinkles them
      not sure if my Mum was trying to tell me I should spend more time in the kitchen…

      It’s the thought that counts, right?

      which is true of your boxed gift, it’s the thought behind the gift that is more valuable than what is inside.

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      yes, it’s the thought that counts. definitely.
      but if it adds clutter (you’re never going to use it, but you need room to store it somewhere, and you don’t have enough room to begin with), then that can be annoying. i’d rather not get any presents, to be honest. no gift is the best gift. it also means the other person doesn’t have to go through the trouble of finding you something. it’s the thought that counts.

      i do like presents, but i prefer them in the case where you run into the perfect gift for a certain person on a random day. gifts because you have to give someone a gift on a certain day (birthday, christmas, whatnot) are no fun, in my opinion.

      i have refused gifts before, but only from my parents.

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      Definitely, can’t stand clutter!

      yeah, I also like finding ideal gifts randomly and saving them for birthdays/Christmas. Also, if the gift helps someone else (ie. a local artist/craftsperson, or if it’s a Fair Trade product) I prefer buying those over ‘made in China’ junk.

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      i have the problem that i just give out random gifts straight away. and then a couple of months later, i’m in trouble, because i have to find the same person a gift, because it’s one of those present occasions. boo!

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      Then you have to remember to say ‘I couldn’t wait til your birthday to give this to you, so here’s an early birthday gift!’ when you give out those random gifts! :P

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