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      I’m sure if you are like me, many years of collecting have caused some duplicate CDs to appear in your collection. Whether if its from thinking it was something else to trying to get a better copy. I don’t really like to resale them, because most are not worth the fees eBay will charge. So with that said, I figured I will post them on here and see if anyone would like to trade CDs. I am currently looking for Hut releases from Europe…Gish, Siamese Dream, Pisces Iscariot, Adore. Here is what I have:

      1991-1998 US – NM
      Tarantula Promo US – M
      That’s the Way US – M
      That’s the Way Promo CDR UK – M
      SIYL UK – NM
      SIYL promo UK – M
      Adore US – VG
      MCIS US – VG
      Disarm Heart UK CD in AU sleeve – G
      Tonight tonight card sleeve EU – G
      Siamese Dream US – VG
      Earphoria Boot China – NM
      Earphoria Boot Taiwan – NM
      vieuphoria Video CD Boot Asia – VG
      Adore 2 cd EU Promo – VG
      Adore Promo Boot/ pink CD- VG
      American Gothic EU- VG
      Machina UK – NM
      1979 remixes UK – VG
      TRY Try Try CDR Promo UK – VG
      Everlasting Gaze CDR Promo UK – VG

      Here is a pic

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      is the try, try, try cdr promo the one track promo, with the radio edit?

      also, how come it’s in a cd case? aren’t these promos usually released in a plastic sleeve with paper inserts?

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      i also have quite some doubles and i would be up for trading.

      unfortunately, you don’t have anything i’m interested in. i don’t collect bootlegs, and i already have all the rest.

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      Hope you will check your pm soon. :P

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