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      Hi, I am a huge collector of original Smashing Pumpkins t-shirts, tour and otherwise. I have almost every shirt from their 12 year original tenure from 1988 to 2000.

      I am looking for an elusive shirt:

      I think it is one of the earliest official SP shirts made, if not the first. I am willing to pay close to that price for it, but would like one without armpit stains.

      If you know anyone who has this please let me know! My collection is almost complete and I would like to show Billy at some point. I suspect I could have even more variety than even he does, although he of course has certain unique shirts (like the hand-stiched shiny “Zero” shirts made just for him). Any help would be much appreciated.

      "I Am One" Shirt

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      can you PM me your email?  i think i know a guy who still has this shirt and is willing to part with it.

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      i always thought the back displayed the limited potential logo?

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      hmmm, good point, manilla. i seem to remember that logo now.

      does anyone have more pictures of this t-shirt? i remember seeing them a while ago. i guess someone was trying to sell it. did anybody save those pictures? (is there a limited potential logo on the back?)
      i can’t seem to find this t-shirt on SPfreaks.

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      Very interesting. The two I’ve seen are blank on the back and I assume are official. Would love to see a photo of the Limited Potential version as well if anyone has one.

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      is it possible they’re selling a shirt with the same artwork at the current smashing pumpkins shows?
      i believe i’ve seen it on a picture of the merchandise stand.
      can anyone confirm?

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      sorry, my mistake. i saw part of this tour t-shirt in the corner of a picture, and thought it was the i am one t-shirt. but it isn’t.

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      Well done finding all those t-shirts Kremlin18 !

      Billy tweeted to someone last month that they would be reissuing vintage designs as they’ve signed with a new merch company.

      And yes Billy says a lot of things, so don’t know when this will happen…

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      thanks for posting that link.  confirms, i guess, that there were two versions of that shirt?  seems strange…

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      I have this original shirt.  I received the shirt from a woman who received it directly from Billy.  She was a friend of the bands back in the late 80 and early 90s.  If someone is interested in this shirt, let me know.  

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