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      Cool As Ice Cream

      This Friday, MTVN-HD is showing one hour of the SP show in Mexico, in HD.

      Is someone able to record this in HD? Because that would be awesome.

      MTVN-HD 10pm Fri 8th Oct

      MTVN HD

      Cyfrowy Polsat Channel 92
      Cyfra+ Channel 131
      Sky Channel 384
      Hot Bird 13° East, frequency 11075 V
      SIRIUS-4 4,8° East, frequency 12399 V
      (South America) Channel 1004
      (as a programing block)
      NTV Plus 36,0° East, frequency 12073 L
      Yes (Israel) Channel 575

      Hot Channel 519
      Virgin Media Channel 310
      Cable Mágico (Perú) Channel 760
      Telenet Digital
      (Flanders) Channel 658
      (Only for HD decoder users)
      Telenet Digital
      (Brussels) Channel 718
      (Only for HD decoder users)
      (Mexico City) Channel 926
      (Only for HD decoder users)
      VTR Chile (Chile) Channel 840
      (Only for HD decoder users)
      UPC (Netherlands) Channel 64[/quote:te334jg2]

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      I’m not with UPC, but with Digitenne (KPN digital tv) :cry:

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      I have Telenet Digital, but I don’t have the necessary equipment to properly record and spread this.

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