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      Cool As Ice Cream

      Did anyone end up buying this on eBay a couple of days after Christmas?

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      note how the title isn’t known yet. \"title tbd\"

      also note the different order of the tracks on this promo.

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      also note billy’s handwriting.

      not me, wish it was. damn.

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      do you think that’s billy’s handwriting? i’m not convinced.

      i wanted to bid on this, but since i was in india at the time this auction ended, i wouldn’t have been able to pay in time. i asked the seller if it would be ok to pay when i came back two weeks later, but they said no. so i didn’t bid. :(

      i think it was sold for $15.

      it’s a bit of a weird release. is that a cd with a paper label? it looks a bit dodgy. there’s still a chance that this is fake.
      i’d be interested in checking the audio. maybe it’s a premaster?

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      do you think that’s billy’s handwriting? i’m not convinced.[/quote:19eqfojv]
      why would billy be writing on a canadian promo anyway?

      i think all the writing is from the person who received this cd, and was done after the album was finally released. i believe he/she updated the tracklist with the information of the official release (album title, updated song titles, updated track order).

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      i don’t think it’s BC’s handwriting.

      what happened, i think is…
      this was the tentative track list warner was given.
      the disc that came in to make these promos from however had a different track order.
      for this copy they did use the already printed sleeve, but corrected the tracklist by hand.
      maybe so someone could fix a new tracklist insert for the subsequent promos?

      quite interesting to see this alternate running order.

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      the person who adjusted the tracklist didn’t realise that \"world goes round\" = \"ride a black swan\".

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      either way, it’s a really cool promo. nice fine, cool. 8)

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      so i guess nobody on here won this auction then? :(

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