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      Cool As Ice Cream

      So I just recently picked up a copy of Adore on vinyl, it was sold to me as being an unopened copy (and I think it may indeed be)…. however there is a black slash mark thru the barcode on the back of the record. It’s definately on the cardboard record sleeve, not the shrink wrap around the record.

      Anyone know what the deal is with that? I saw another copy of Adore in the last 6 months at a local record store here in Seattle that was the same way, had the black slash thru the barcode. However it wasn’t still shrink wrapped.

      A preliminary google search seems to turn up a handful that are this way. Any ideas as to why?



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      This might mean that this copy was not intended to be sold, for example because it was meant to be given away as a promotional copy.

      However, I noticed something else with the Adore lp. I’ve got three copies, and all of them have a sticker with a new barcode, that covers the old barcode. (The new barcode is 0 17046 75591 7. The old barcode ends in an 8.) So maybe the original barcode was incorrect, and they didn’t want it to be readable? Hence the mark through the barcode?

      Is the barcode on your copy on a sticker, or on the original sleeve? (And what is the barcode?)

      Another explanation for the stickers might be that they needed another barcode when these were sold in Europe. In that case this has got nothing to do with the slashed barcodes, I guess.
      When I check the copy up on, I see that there’s no sticker, and that it has the barcode that ends in an 8. Dunno. Is this related to where it was sold? Where did everyone buy their copy, and is there a barcode sticker or not?

      Also, on a sidenote, between my three copies, I have two different versions of this sticker. It’s the same barcode number, but a different font is used. Maybe from a different pressing?

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      If this does in fact mean that it’s a promo copy, then that’s fairly special. I haven’t heard of promotional copies of the Adore lp before.
      And I’d advise you not to remove the shrinkwrap. Otherwise there is no more way to prove that it’s a promo copy. (Everyone can take a black marker and put a mark through the barcode on an opened copy.

      See also: promo TAFH box, where the barcode is cut out. Never open the shrinkwrap on one of those! … &item=2435

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      Yeah my copy ends in an 8 like the one pictured on SP Freaks.

      I don’t have any plans on opening it!
      Thanks for the insight…

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      jawn till dusk

      My barcode ends with an 8.

      Got it in 1998.

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      interesting thread!

      i have an opened copy (purchased in america in ’98 ) that ends in 8.
      7 2438 45879 1 8

      i have a sealed copy (purchased in america in ’98 ) that has the replacement sticker (under the wrap) which ends in 7.
      0 17046 7559 1 7

      no freaking clue what this means, but i think bram may be on to something. barcode needed to be changed for whatever reason, but perhaps not related to selling across seas, as both these differing barcodes were sold in the US.


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      hmmm… weird.
      i noticed that the original barcode number is of course still present on the spine of the sleeve of the adore record.

      7 2438 and 0 17046 are used on a lot of sp releases. maybe one number is for virgin releases, the other one for caroline releases? (just a guess.)
      i’m not sure if i’m looking at it right, but it seems that the 7 2438 code starts out as a code on cd releases, where the 0 17046 one appears on vinyl releases. later on, starting with some mcis vinyl singles, 7 2438 is also used on vinyl releases.

      maybe the adore release with the sticker was a last twitch from caroline, \"hey, this is our release, give it our barcode\"? something like that? and then after that, virgin was like \"you’re part of us anyway, let’s drop the separate barcodes.\"
      or, in other words, first caroline was still used to release vinyl on, later they just released everything on virgin, cd and vinyl.

      i looked up barcode ownerships on
      and 0724384… is owned by Capitol Records/picture Music Internat’L, london, uk.
      0017046… is owned by Caroline Records Inc. NY, us.

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      well, here’s another twist.  pcorgan noted his sealed copy with a sticker (0 17046 7559 1 7) does not contain the words “printed in the USA” at the very bottom.  which is even MORE confusing when referring to bram’s research on the barcode ownership.  why would a copy with the sticker used to denote the US ownership NOT contain the words printed in the USA on it?

      so there appears to be a whole mess with the original adore pressing.  i found a copy exactly like his on eBay (not sealed) and just bought it, so i’ll get to scanning all the different versions (including reissues) over the next month or so.

      if anyone has scans of the “signed” BC reissue, that’d be cool.  i think i’d only need the front, right?  i didn’t buy a copy of that due to the outrageous price and was broke at the time.

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      i don’t think i’ve seen a copy without “printed in the usa”. (but i’ll double check my copies later. who knows?)

      maybe they later repressed the adore vinyl, and left out the “printed in the usa”? but then why still use a sticker on the barcode? if you’re changing things on the sleeve, you might as well correct the barcode at the same time, no?

      very weird. is there a scan of this adore lp without “printed in the usa”? what else do we know about this copy? where was it sold?

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      It was sold here in Italy at the Feltrinelli music store.

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      can’t say feltrinelli without saying feltch.  hahaha

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      ok, interesting differences. well, they are extremely subtle, but differences, nonetheless:

      pressing with original barcode 7 2438 45879 1 8:

      -no sticker over barcode (original barcode)
      -printed in usa on reverse
      -blank label on side 4 is black
      -original barcode on spine/hype sticker

      matrix codes in run-off groove

      (Side A) V1-7243-8-45879-1-8-A MASTERDISK
      (Side B) V1-7243-8-45879-1-8-B MASTERDISK
      (Side C) V-1-7243-8-45879-1-8-C MASTERDISK
      (Side D) -blank-

      pressing with barcode 0 17046 7559 1 7:

      -sticker over barcode (original barcode covered)
      -printed in usa absent from reverse
      -blank label on side 4 is red
      -original barcode on spine/hype sticker

      matrix codes in run-off groove

      (Side A) V1-7243-8-45879-1-8-A MASTERDISK CAR-7559-A
      (Side B) V1-7243-8-45879-1-8-B MASTERDISK CAR-7559-B
      (Side C) V-1-7243-8-45879-1-8-C MASTERDISK CAR-7559-C
      (Side D) -blank-

      proposed theory:caroline manufactured overseas versions for sale outside of US, but also had their name slapped on the US release as well. not sure why it was necessary to issue another barcode when caroline was even MORE present as the distributor. i really don’t get it, but as a collector, i still find this pretty interesting.

      thanks bram and pcorgan! any additional input/theories appreciated 🙂

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      additionally, i have a copy with the replacement barcode sticker that says printed in usa

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      Can someone show some photos of the differences please? 🙂

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      hey geo
      i plan to upload the differences, but i have to scan, merge images, crop, resize, upload to site, and then add a new entry (or two).  after all that, i’ll just post two links so you can have a side by side look

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      cool beans
      still need to check my own copies

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      i’ve checked my own copies.
      my first copy says “printed in the USA”.
      the two later copies are still sealed, and don’t have the “printed in the USA”…
      funny. i’ve never noticed this difference before. the rest looks identical. (sticker with release code on the front, release code on spine, etc.)

      all three copies have the sticker with the new barcode on the back.
      however, on one of the two sealed copies, the font used on the barcode sticker is different than the font on the other two. weird! it’s the same barcode though.

      i also want to add that “printed in the USA” probably only refers to the sleeve, and not necessarily to where the records were pressed. we should keep that in mind.
      if i’m not mistaken, there’s another SP album that always says “printed in Canada” (was it pisces iscariot? i remember some inner sleeve mentioning canada), even though it was (probably?) pressed in the US.

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      yeah, you’re right.  that’s the pisces sleeve.

      but i guess the biggest difference is one having an additional matrix code.  i dunno man, it’s all confusing

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      my open copy with corrected barcode on the sticker also has the extra CAR-xxx in the matrix code.the label on side D is white though, not black or red.

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