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      I was listening to COLG! earlier today, and realised something – from what pumpkins songs i’ve heard, this is the most urgent and energetic song SP have released, to me. anyone else agree? disagree? any other songs from zeitgeist you think standout from SP’s other songs? any other SP songs you think are exceptionally stand out, unique amongst their entire back-catalogue?

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      Come on ( Lets Go) is one of my favorite tunes of Zeitgeist. Like u said, lots of energy, gives a feeling of the old Pumpkins a little.

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      I like to think the same of 7 Shades Of Black, pretty cool energetic punky track. Together with United States, Bleeding The Orchid, Neverlost and Doomsday Clock my favourite tracks of Zeitgeist. (Come On) Let’s Go! is followed after that… with Tarantula and the rest.

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      not so much into it no i like tarantula and doomsday clock

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