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      Has anyone noticed the fact that there are females on almost every SP studio album cover?

      Gish: D’arcy
      Siamese Dream: two little girls
      Mellon Collie: the woman in the star
      Adore: the woman in front of the flower (the vinyl cover is in color)
      Machina: the only one I’m not sure of
      Zeitgeist: the statue of liberty

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      none on machina…
      i think
      don’t forget pisces iscariot! the women with the cherry (?) in her mouth…
      yeah, good observation, i must say!

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      I am up in the air about both Machina and Pisces Iscariot.

      I think Pisces Iscariot is 50/50, could be Billy or James, could be D’arcy, could be Courtney Love (as the legend goes) or an anonymous female.

      With Machina I lean towards that headless figure being a female, as the bowl with the baby in it seems to represent a womb and it looks like religious iconography (ie Mary who he referenced with Zwan’s album title, the lyrcis to Death From Above, and thanks on Zeitgeist after Jesus Christ.)

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      …i don’t have machine yet ( :shock: bad fan me!) but i just looked at some images, and it does appear feminine
      and i personally think pisces is, as it looks more feminine to me :)

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      I always thought it was James on the front of Pisces, not sure though.?

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      i doubt we can ever be sure… it’s too blurry :lol:

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      With SP looking for the Siamese Dream girls, it looks like the next album will have females as well!!

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      haha yeah!
      humm… siamese nightmare?

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      With SP looking for the Siamese Dream girls, it looks like the next album will have females as well!![/quote:wle3ju1d]
      yeah i wondered about that too, why are they looking for those chicks? just to say thank you, you’re on the cover of the best album ever?

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      Next year is the 15th anniversary of Siamese Dream and they missed the 10th in 2003. Maybe they want to do something for that.

      And for God’s sake, release FEOMM officially while you’re at it.

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