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      i hope this is a coincidence, because ewwww. … onnection/

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      some pumpkins

      i’de hit it. she’s way cute in person.

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      LOLZ @ billy’s face…

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      LOLZ @ billy’s face…[/quote:188087ey]

      yeah, he kind of has a holy crap i took the wrong door look on his face. his eyes are buggin.

      and ewww @ pumpkins

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      i just noticed they called him the *former lead signer of the SP

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      I saw this earlier this week, at first I was shocked then I realized it was Billy we were talking about and it wore off.

      We all know he does some crazy thing s. :D

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      first: i don’t like paparazzi stuff… period. people’s privacy is a dear thing to be respected. that’s just my personal stance, though.

      now: BC’s been with C. Love (and other, presumably?)…
      then a museum curator, a world-famous photographer…
      in a way: arts or around or something, with these ladies.

      following Yelena Yemchuk there’s been talk of miss ‘Tequila’ and others…
      now: miss Simpson…

      as much and as far as i am concerned: i am one to judge BC on the merits of his artistic output.
      when he was with Chris he made great work(s); same goes for the Yelena period.

      then and there: his private live was non of my business, nor did this colour his work(s) or anything, back then nor nowadays.

      as for the present: BC = TSP and, at least: this is my stance, should be considered upon the work(s). TSP just released a brand new song. that’s the most of most of important of factors and feats right now. that’s what counts. now.

      if BC’s dating miss Simpson or seeing her or sleeping with her: to be honest: i couldn’t care less and i can’t blame him either as she’s quite a nice looking woman. if miss Simpson’s got the artistic baggage or background like Chris and Yelena: i cannot tell. nor should i care. if miss Simpson and BC, even for just one night, just hit it off; why not? let him be. let her be. let them be.

      i mean: we all bought Siamese Dream and MCIS and all… went to the concerts, got the t-shirts…
      BC’s not only bought quite a mansion from these revenues on Chicago’s ‘gold coast’…
      BC’s got quite some ‘rides’; selling off one Mustang now, though he owns or owned at least a kick-ass Porsche and at least a black Ferrari too…
      this is to say: there’s BC the ‘ZERO’-hero rockstar on stage and there’s BC the rather loaded and rich rock-star with a private live; a private home and his cars…. his private love(s), too!…
      whatever… i don’t mind, i don’t care…

      this is: as long as his work(s) don’t suffer from a status or whatever outside of the music…
      so far: this doesn’t seem to be the case; though i’m still not out on my judgement of ‘A Song for a Son’…

      on a side-note:
      this year: Nine Inch Nails declared to be refraining from touring and/or playing live shows for quite a while. the band even played a ‘last show’-concert, sorta.
      then some sites (non-paparazzi even, mind you!) got word of NIN’s main man Trent Reznor’s marriage.
      now: i won’t say it’s BECAUSE of his found true love and marriage and settling down or something he said he’d quit the touring deal…
      it’s just that NIN’s been vocal about the non-tour/non-live shows and has been selling quite some (live)gear on ebay recently too, that this all might in fact, without too much of stretching of imagination, might be connected to Reznor’s private situation.
      and still!: it’s Reznor’s private live and deal and dealing and dealings…
      with and as NIN he gave the world as he’s done; now: there’s a new situation, maybe a new period, even…
      loads of NIN-fans can’t deal with the decision to not tour or play live and blame the marriage or Reznor’s wife, even…
      it’s so stupid and silly!…
      Reznor’s a human being first and foremost. i had a splendid conversation with him and his father some years ago for the best part of 90 minutes backstage. Before then: i had known of course all of these ‘stars’ were and are human too. Then and there: so immediately, so genuine, so close: a former ‘idol’ of mine all of a sudden and in a split second, was human, just like me and that’s why we had this talk, that’s why for so long.
      with Reznor being human, i wish him all the love and passion and bliss!
      even if this means: no more NIN on record or no more NIN live, ever. and: i’m glad to have been there, at the very end of things, for now.

      now: for BC-
      he’s human too. as for Reznor, so i’ve been and met BC, too. he’s human, too.
      with his expensive house and his antiques he buys (check the video footage!) and his cars….
      with his love and his loves…
      i wish BC all the love and passion and bliss!
      even if this means: no more TSP on record or no more TSP live, ever.

      rather than: TSP on record or live being half-cocked or something or below par because of his attention being somewhere else, like with a love/loved-one/fling.

      of course: there’s a lot in me saying: BC, from what i’ve learned about miss Simpson, you could do better…
      maybe, though: BC knows this too, but!: haven’t we all been there?!, honestly????!!!!—-
      the two met up, hit it off and had one splendid night together and nothing more, for now.
      made up to be: \"dating\"…
      and even: if it were a real deal relationship?
      why not? what do we know about BC, really? and even more so: what do we know about miss Simpson, really?

      nothing silly. nothing crazy. nothing stupid.
      nothing even; as we don’t even know what happened or not.
      nothing thus, then and there.

      if anything: just human behaviour.

      so: please, just leave it. and: just leave BC’s private live alone. and: out of TSP and the TSP-discussion.
      his house/home, his cars, his ladies: whatever.
      it’s ‘A Song for a Son’ that matters. only.

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      whoa Sven, this is like a joke thread for starters and i’m pretty sure it was probably a joke they just happened to both be there post on TMZ. i watch that show and read that site all the time. they do that. and even if it wasn’t i don’t care that much. this is kind of a sarcastic joke thread. yeah. :wink: hahaha, funnies.

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      whoa Sven, this is like a joke thread for starters and i’m pretty sure it was probably a joke they just happened to both be there post on TMZ. i watch that show and read that site all the time. they do that. and even if it wasn’t i don’t care that much. this is kind of a sarcastic joke thread. yeah. :wink: hahaha, funnies.[/quote:2aqqj1w7]

      it’s not that i didn’t take this as a joke-thread…

      it’s not like i don’t think this paparazzi pic might just be a coincidence or something…

      it’s just that you/we know TSP does check sites and forums. as you see HipstersUnited is even featured on prime position on the TSP-site now. and yes, HU does mention the photo, but does so briefly and with due irony and wit.

      i just don’t think it looks good on SPFreaks or something to dabble in paparazzi shizzle… not even with remarks as to discard an even really really really tentative form of something whatsoever in any way between BC and miss Simpson at first face value upon this one pic.

      that’s the main issue i have.

      plus: as said above, i really feel like BC’s private live really is none of our business, not with miss Simpson, not with whomever, whatever, whenever. when he himself or any ‘they’ themselves deem it right to express something, that’s up to him or them. till then: i’d love to see our focus on the fact of the matter which is the music, per se.

      why then, this diatribe? well: just to once make a point about this, ’cause i can see this derail into realms we don’t wanna nor need to go or be.

      keep it funny all you will of course.
      no harm done in any true humour, of course.

      just keep the respect. that’s all.
      > remember: we have seen one or some pics of JC and his family and that’s that. family man, no more, no less, taken for granted; just taken for the fact of the matter.
      same here: one pic, BC leaving a hotel (?) or something right after miss Simpson and that’s that. no more, no less, taken for granted; just taken for the fact of the matter.

      sorry: i just really really highly feel for and about respecting the private lives of performers; ‘stars’ like BC even more so. sorry.

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      the lack of privacy for any famous person really sucks, but that’s just something they have to put up with. i guess it’s a price to pay for being famous.

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      that’s ok Sven. i believe they deserve to have their privates lives too. :wink:

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      I think the two are friends. It looks like JS is a friend of Kerry’s, by the looks of the messages they send each other on twitter. So it’s highly likely that billy would have interaction with Jessica. I’ve read on other boards that billy was in NY for his upcoming book and to do press for Teargarden and Jess was there for seeing her sister in ‘chicago’. They probably hung out that night. If they are dating, I have no idea, but I doubt they are. I don’t mind Jessica, I think she seems like a nice girl… I wouldn’t doubt that there is a possiblity Jessica might have a crush on Billy. I just think Billy might be into another/other girl(s) by the looks of twitter accounts. These gossip sites keep saying close sources are mentioning they are dating, but who are these close sources??? Made up? Nothing really adds up to them dating…but if they are then more power to ’em. Just my two cents…case closed.

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      I agree with ladyn. I think that they’re probably just friends. She doesn’t seem like his type, I mean she does seem friendly but he seems to go for more of the artsy and intelligent types. I never trust gossip sites, where do they even get their information from? I find it hard to believe that \"friends\" or unnamed \"sources\" would reveal such personal info (that only they would know), like why would a \"friend\" say something like ‘she’s desperate’ and another say that they’re just \"getting to know one another\"? It’s just silly garbage. Also, a picture showing them walking doesn’t prove anything. Even if it is true, I can’t picture it lasting for very long. I’m just surprised how much this rumor has spread, but I guess that is what happens with two famous people.

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