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      As we all know the new single That’s The Way (My Love Is) is about to be released (tomorrow, but it was available already on 2007/09/08 on some places). We couldn’t help listening to this new single already, as the track Daydream was very tempting. Our SPfreaks tech researcher found out it’s the 2007/06/05 Spandau Citadel, Berlin (Germany, secret acoustic gig) version. The 3 track CD single will also feature Stellar, for those that didn’t download it from iTunes. Just for your information.

      At your rocking and collecting service,
      Arthur 8)

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      hopefully i’ll get it on saturday :)

      *note – this comment should be the 666’th comment in ‘general smashing pumpkins’ … ooh evil
      \\m/ >.< \\m/ *

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      scans of the cd single and the vinyl single have been submitted. ;)

      anyone seen a 2-track cd single and/or a cd single in a cardboard sleeve yet?

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      scans of the cd single and the vinyl single have been submitted. ;)[/quote:3lt6g7pa]
      Indeed. They can be found here: &

      I have asked about the 2 tracker.

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      Dammit cool as ice cream! you beat me to the scans :x :lol: unless it wasnt you who posted them. ah… i dont mind anyway :) as long as it’s up there

      ah… i cant wait to hear daydream… so yes. getting it on saturday. also gonna have to meet my ex. fun fun fun…

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