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      I’m pretty sure this info is not right. I mean the Japanese are famous for their bonustracks on Pumpkins CD’s, but I have never heard they put 1 on Earphoria. Judge for yourself:

      \"…And it’s discs like this one that really drive the point home. [The Japanese edition includes a bonus track.] ~ Amy Hanson, All Music Guide\"

      This is what we have on SPfreaks:

      Japanese Earphoria

      American Earphoria

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      i see no difference – and on the tab thing there are 15 tracks too, in japanese.
      maybe it wasn’t listed? thrown on the end of the cd, but not actually printed onto the packaging?

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      incorrect. double checked with actual copy of the cd.

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      Maybe they mistook 14a as a bonus track. If you were unfamiliar with the original tracklisting, could be an innocent mistake.

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