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      Hi, I’m Arthur, the webmaster of (the collector’s website connected to this forum website). I probably won’t be much on here, but every now and then I want to surprise you with new research, things to check out over there and questions about uploaded items. On the other hand I might post things like important news etc. from this forum on the homepage. I hope I can count on you! Enjoy yourself here! :D

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      Hi Arthur
      Nice to meet you. Just want to thank you for making this forum. It’s pretty cool. But what’s better than the forum? Well, in my opinion, the collection part of SPfreaks. I love the comprehensiveness and the photos. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to see some new releases!


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      you da man

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      I echo manilla’s sentiments. Thanks for creating this. I am new to SP, and hope this forum will help me get acquainted![/quote:3di9r5lv]
      same here, though i’m not completely new to the pumpkins. i’m starting to have a kinda collection, maybe we can help each other comfort, who knows. arthur, who are running this site, or should that stay a secret?

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      I love this place!!! Kudos to you, feel free to call me Toad! Its cool to be able to share Pumpkins based stories and thoughts with ppl that actually know and care what you have to say. Rock-on

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      It’s not a secret who are running these websites. We are with a core team of 4 people:

      SPfreaks the webmaster of the forum from the US
      RedWolf the builder of this beautiful all from NL
      1 person on the Advisory Board, heavily involved in worldwide radio/tv and other media, also from NL
      me, the only remaining founder from NL, webmaster of the collection

      Next to that we have a growing group of people that is doing research, send in scans, info, artwork and news. They come from all over the place. Most of them are on the Hall Of Fame of, some wish to remain anonymous.

      I’m very proud that you like this \"Smashing Pumpkins freaks Internet Experience\" (quote from RedWolf). Spread the word so we will have a great community on here!

      See you again soon,

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