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      I am looking to get rid of the following items. Right now I’m looking for approximate market values on them (what people estimate). I’ve been looking at current and prior ebay auctions but there haven’t been too many completions for these sorts of items (particularly the white label promos and test pressings). I’d appreciate it if someone could help me out here.

      Furthermore, if you’re interested in an item, make me an offer. I’m looking for USD and not trades. I’ve got pictures if desired.

      Demo Tape – White Label 5 Song Sampler (With Packet of Papers)
      I Am One 7″ Flexi
      I Am One 10″
      I Am One 10″ TP – Signed BC, JC, JI, MADMx (I know … sigh. … oh well, no D’Arcy)
      Peel Sessions 12″ TP (with cover art as one sheet)
      Peel Sessions 12″ WLP (with hut paper for radio station)
      Peel Sessions 12″ WLP
      Tristessa 7″ Black (With Attached Flyer)
      Tristessa 7″ Black (With UnAttached Flyer)
      Tristessa 7″ Pink (With Attached Flyer)
      Tristessa 7″ Grey (With Attached Flyer)
      Tristessa 12″
      Gish 12″ Remastered HUTLPX2
      Purple Box – Rocket Peach 7″ Single
      Today 7″ Red
      Cherub Rock 7″ Clear 0111
      Cherub Rock 7″ Clear 0194
      Siamese Dream 12″ Maroon
      Siamese Dream Bootleg Wooden Box (Faces)
      Cherub Rock 12″ WLP
      Cherub Rock 12″ TP (Distinction For This And Other TPs Made Based By That Given By Original Seller)
      MCIS 3LP #0390
      Ava Adore 7″ 0891
      Ava Adore 7″ 6139
      Ava Adore 7: 6140
      Ava Adore 7″ Jukebox
      1979/BWBW Jukebox 7″

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      Just pm’d. Another good place to check what these things are selling for is discogs. It gives the highest, lowest, and median prices for everything sold

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        Cannot believe i’d never heard of discogs before …. dur.

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