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      jawn till dusk

      Looking to pick up a few more pieces of Pumpkins vinyl to add to my collection. Most of these are easy to come by and I suppose I could pick them up off eBay, but thought I’d try here first.

      – I Am One 12\" single
      – Peel Sessions 12\" HUTT 17
      – Tristessa 12\" German Single
      – Cherub Rock 12\" Single
      – Today 12\" Single
      – 1979 12\" Single
      – 1979 Mixes 12\"

      And if any of you are looking to part with something on the more rare side, I’d love the opportunity to purchase/trade for:

      – Tristessa 7\" Grey vinyl
      – Daughter 7\" flexi
      – Siva Australian CD

      I’m looking at buying outright, but have some stuff I could trade… an extra copy of the Rocket 7\" peach I could trade, Rocket CD single, an extra copy of the Astral Planes 7\" Red vinyl, a sealed copy of Adore.

      Let me know if you think we can work something out!

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      jawn till dusk

      You’ve got a PM, dude. :wink:

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