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      Cool As Ice Cream

      On Amazon I found this cute radio compilation called Walk Unafraid (Live X 6 — A 99X Compilation). Info copied from Amazon: Acoustic CD released by radio station 99X – 99.7FM Atlanta. This CD was only available in Atlanta at select stores and is LONG out of print! Features 12 acoustic tracks…

      1) R.E.M. – Walk Unafraid
      2) Vertical Horizon – Everything You Want
      3) Our Lady Peace – Is Anybody Home?
      4) Angie Aparo – Spaceship
      5) Foo Fighters – My Hero
      6) Tonic – If You Could Only See
      7) Chris Cornell – Can’t Change Me
      8 ) Train – Meet Virginia
      9) Billy Corgan – Age of Innocence
      10) Splender – Yeah, Whatever
      11) Collective Soul – Heavy
      12) Stone Temple Pilots – Atlanta

      Check it out:

      Obviously I want it for track 9. However, the sellers ask prices like 45 – 70 US$ for it, which seems kinda unreasonable to me. Do you agree? And is there a copy around for a cheaper price? I would be very interested to do a trade! Thanks!


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      Tsss… Sorry to bother you guys. You can forget about it again.

      After asking this question here I refreshed the Amazon page and suddenly 2 extra copies for 13.99 US$ each appeared on it. I bought 1 of them… 8)

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      i also bought one on ebay recently. i was expecting it to go for $30-40, but i got it for about $10.

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