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      Let’s list refernces to 7 in Billy’s writing & art:

      ie: Zeitgeist was slated to be released on 7/7/07

      also the Statue of Liberty is on the cover and has 7 \"spikes\" on her crown for the 7 seas and 7 continents.

      They played Live Earth on 7/7/07 which had concerts on all 7 continents.

      Mentions 2007 in the liner notes to Pisces Iscariot

      7 shades of Black

      \"All your 7 dreams\" from Gish

      \"whatever i can do, i will
      ’cause i want to, and what i want i get
      seven years, seven days, and seven hours
      i took my chances, yeah\" from Settle Down when the Pumpkins masqueraded as Zwan.

      Are there any more?

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      omg! the number 23! its real, it’s true i… wait, we’re talking about SEVEN ok then…
      i duno
      maybe BC likes the number?

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      Huh….. something to think about!

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      humm… amybe because it’s lucky…
      and that it sounds cool
      and it rhymes with heaven!
      and devon :S
      im not being helpful am i! :lol:

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      It is commonly thought of as lucky in superstitious and has religious implications as well.

      It is sort of the opposite of 666, which Billy wore on a shirt in Vieuphoira.

      I’m not trying to get to too wacky with this, it’s just obvious that he keeps using the number intentionally and I know there are other connotations for it out in the wide world.

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      Anyone read the fake BC letter on It says \"7 years,7 months, and 10 days ago…\", which would have been 7 days at the date of release of Zeitgeist, since the break-up of SP……WOW! 77777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777777

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      humm… track 7 of zeitgeist is united states…
      and the words united and states both have 6 letters
      which is ONE LESS than 7!
      da vinci… (sorry – in-joke between a few friends of mine at school. anything OTT and ridiculous that looks like it has signifcance, but obviously doesnt must be followed by Da vinci…)

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      If you look close enough to The Last Supper, you can see Billy Corgan hiding under the table! LOL

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      If you look close enough to The Last Supper, you can see Billy Corgan hiding under the table! LOL[/quote:2xwmq21s]
      no, no, no
      all the patrons of the last supper are in fact using sign language to spell out billy corgan!

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      WOW, i never noticed that before… Im not real good at sign language, i thought it spelled out \"seven, seven, seven!\" ( see 7 posts)

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      no, billy is much more important than 7
      thats why they spell billy corgan :P

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