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      Has anybody got a decent, 24-bit/96kHz FLAC rip/transfer/whatever you want to call it of the MCIS vinyl? Or would anybody be willing to provide this?

      If you can get me this, could you please split it into multiple rars and mediafire it?



      Someone on a private tracker site has requested it, and if I can provide it I get 1.2 gigs added to my u/l + the size of the files, improving my ratio and putting me one step closer to being a Power User. I figured this would be the best place to ask, given the amount of collectors and vinyl lovers, and the fact that you all love me and would do anything for me *cough*.

      (P.S – this counts as sharity fyi. It is the VINYL version, which is limited edition, making it morally alright to share the files! How can it be theft if people can’t buy t in the first place? Long story short, please don’t delete this Arthur/manillascissor/whoever else happens to be a mod)

      Aaand I posted this to the wrong subforum.

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      I don’t currently know anybody with it to those requirements (or any other versions).

      Might be worth asking the owner of here though, plus similar places: … s-bootlegs

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      haven’t seen a mcis vinyl rip being shared, let alone a 24/96 one.
      i don’t think my soundcard is good enough to record in 24/96.

      and i think it’s a bit lame that you ask someone else to upload it on mediafire, so that you can then upload it via bittorrent. i know this doesn’t really work for you, because you want to be the uploader, but for everyone else involved it seems more logical if the person who has this immediately shares this via bittorrent.

      why don’t you just upload a couple of things that aren’t on that private tracker site yet? it can’t be that hard to upload 1.2 gb if you’re the original seeder.

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      why don’t you just upload a couple of things that aren’t on that private tracker site yet? it can’t be that hard to upload 1.2 gb if you’re the original seeder.[/quote:3kl8byca]

      I have uploaded 48 things that weren’t on there previously. I have got 58 torrents ready for seeds in utorrent just for that site. It’s just that no-one seems to want any of it. Trust me, getting a good seed amount on that site is hard if you don’t have a seedbox. Even my most popular torrent, which has 25 seeders atm, has only got a ratio of 1.235. My connection sucks, and the bittorrent protocol screws me over because of it.

      And yeah, I know it’s lame, but I’m just worried that if it gets uploaded elsewhere (TPB, say) somebody else might see it as well and get it up there before I do.

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      well, good luck.

      maybe you should get one of those vinyls and make a 24/96 rip yourself?

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      I probably would if I could. Or rather, if I had the equipment/resources (including MCIS) already, I would definitely have done it myself.

      Oh well. Know any good places that’ll sell it all for ~£20 total?

      (And reading over my original post, I probably came across a bit selfish/pushy/etc…
      I didn’t intend to, by the way.)

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