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      Howdy. To DVD or no to DVD? That’s the question. Smashpeare.

      A while back it was common believe there would be a German Zeitgeist release with a bonus DVD. I ordered it at, and last week they send me an email: it’s shipped. However, what arrived was the book edition. Which is a nice release in all ways, but I already had it. So I send a complaint to stating I wanted the DVD release. Meanwhile the Smashing Pumpkins posted on their website: No DVD release, sorry!

      So I was prepared to ask for a refund from, and forget about the DVD. But… send me 2 emails today, 1 in English and 1 in German.

      Email 1:
      Dear Customer

      Thank you for contacting

      First, let me apologise for this apparent mix-up during packing.

      I have placed a new order (#028-9819110-5186948) for the correct item, \"Zeitgeist ( CD+DVD)\", and it will be dispatched as soon as possible to the same address via DHL. (See number of the original order in the subject line of this e-mail.)

      There will of course be no additional charge for this replacement.

      Email 2:
      Guten Tag,

      unser Logistikzentrum hat den unten stehenden Artikel verschickt!

      Unser Hinweis:

      Sie koennen Ihr Kundenkonto jederzeit ueber \"Mein Konto\" einsehen und verwalten. Ihre Bestellnummer 028-9819110-5186948 (eingegangen 10-Juli-2007)
      Bestellt Titel Preis Versandt Zwischen-
      1 Zeitgeist ( CD+DVD) EUR 0,00 1 EUR 0,00

      Zwischensumme ohne Mwst: EUR 0,00
      Porto und Verpackung: EUR 0,00
      Endbetrag inkl. MwSt.: EUR 0,00
      Enthaltene MwSt.:

      Die Sendung geht an:

      (it means they shipped it today for the price of zero Euro.)

      What will they ship? Another book edition? A test pressing/promo of the CD/DVD? What do you guys know about this release anyway? Did somebody order it and had the same experience?

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      there never was a dvd – it was a mistake on amazons part

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      there never was a dvd – it was a mistake on amazons part[/quote:1pvt8ulf]
      I believe you. Received today: another special book edition. For free. Complained again however.

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      i believe a statement was made on
      and does that mean you have TWO!

      c’n i have one? :lol:

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      c’n i have one? :lol:[/quote:1826wdjh]
      Sure. Got something in exchange? :roll: But I might have to send it back anyway to get a refund, let’s see. When they keep on sending special editions for free, I’ll topic a little contest here for people to win this free copy! :D

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      oh cool.
      you do that compo thing – it sounds cool!
      mainly because i dont have anything in exchange…
      unless you want junk and crap? that isnt pumpkins related at all? i’ve got lots of that!

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      You guys would not believe this, I found a copy of Malaysia released Zeitgeist (Regular version – 12 tracks) :D .

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