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      i wanted to write this down before i forgot. it was a thought i had when i rolled out of bed this morning and seemed to make sense then (let’s see how lucid i was).

      anyway, it would seem as though ever since jimmy left the band for a second time, a handful of people have voiced their opinion that the new pumpkins are inferior to the original lineup, with special emphasis given to mike byrne. billy’s musical prowess has somehow diminished, nicole is a bimbo, jeff is merely a hired gun, etc.

      while you are certainly entitled to your belief, i would suggest the alternative(s). the first, we get back the entire original group and they crank out some new music. that’s not going to happen.

      second, the band just dissolves and there are no more SP tracks to listen to in the future, forever. unless some old archival releases come to fruition.

      as a fan of the pumpkins, i am tired of the comparison. very tired of it. you either have the pumpkins, or you don’t. you either like the new pumpkins, or you don’t. if you don’t, why in the fuck do you keep on and on about how they aren’t as good? i think that’s just an opinion. if all that matters to you is voicing a negative opinion on a message board over and over again, to the point where you sound like a two year old, what is the point?

      i for one am just glad they are still making music. i could sit around all day and bash mike’s drumming (actually, i couldn’t – i have no issues with it), i could say nicole is a moron (she obviously is not), and jeff is boring and adds nothing to the band (quite the opposite). you can say all these things, as they are your opinion, but WHY?

      when i went to chicago and saw them at all-state arena, i literally looked around at 7-8000 people who are into the music and not hung up on the past. they are grateful the band is making music and i’m one of those people as well. if you don’t like it, why in the fuck do you keep complaining about it? would you rather have nothing? then you would have nothing to bitch about. i guess i just answered my own question.

      no further ramblings at this time.

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      I only have to go back to the HMH Amsterdam gig of November 8, 2011 to know this band fucking rocks. It was without any doubt the best concert of Smashing Pumpkins I have seen in my whole life (and I have seen a few). And I’m looking forward to the Dutch July 2013 concerts I’m going to attend.

      I don’t judge the band (or any band) by its’ commercial success, or its’ relevance in the current time frame. It might be nice for a discussion with a beer or two to talk about these subjects, but it’s not really interesting on the long run. For several reasons I’m very attached to this band, as I was to the ‘old’ band. Mainly I’m very glad Billy Corgan is around to entertain us with his art. And that’s about it, I guess. :)

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      I think there are people who just like having something to bitch about. For this reason I no longer read comments on the Facebook SP updates – ugh

      The Auckland show last year had a couple of people yelling out \"What is this?\" and \"Play something we know!\"during Oceania songs and one guy stormed off at the end of the show saying \"Billy’s a douche\" :roll:

      I agree Arthur – I appreciate Billy’s art and am always interested in what his next musical venture is – and he has always chosen talented and smart musicians to work with!

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      new SP is good – alot of ppl like them
      old SP was better – ie billy connected better with his target audience
      i dont think ppl can argue with that

      some old fans jump up and down, as Manillascisorrs pointed out, out of frustration i think
      they just want the old pumpkins – ie it’s not what they remember or were expecting
      it’s like going to McDonalds, ordering a big mac and getting a cheeseburger
      it doesnt look anything like its picture, its not what they were expecting.

      if TSP called themselves something different, then there would be no expectation of them
      having said that , some ppl will always expect ppl like billy to output the same music whatever his guise.

      think of it like the remake of an old movie these days……..some ppl will like it, most wont. Alot of old fans (of the original movie) will like it, but it wont have the same impact.

      There are alot of dependant factors i think. For the most it is the person’s attitude and how the original made them feel.
      Personal choise i guess.

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      yes, all good points. but would you rather have a mcdonalds to order from or no mcdonalds at all? i guess that is the point of what i’m trying to say.

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      SP should not be compared to McDonalds! But yeah, would rather have something served than nothing at all :)

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      yes, all good points. but would you rather have a mcdonalds to order from or no mcdonalds at all? i guess that is the point of what i’m trying to say.[/quote:dmt9d90q]
      i don’t mind if there’s a mcdonalds or not. i’m simply not going there. no complaints here.

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      King of Gloom

      I think this is an argument that will last as long as the Pumpkins are around. I personally just don’t read comments on new Pumpkins videos, Facebook updates, interviews etc. anymore. There’s no use in constant argueing right?

      The ‘new’ Pumpkins are great, the ‘old’ Pumpkins are great. But they are the Pumpkins whatever the line-up.

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      good call guys :)

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