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      What a disappointment. I arrived at the show around 8:00 and the Pumpkins came out around 8:15 or so. Billy did not say a word to the crowd until about 3 songs in. I’m used to that I suppose. After about 3 singles that were played with absolutely no emotion or feeling, they played That’s The Way. I must say, this was nearly the highlight of the show. It just sounds really good live.

      Billy made a comment about how Atlanta traffic sucked. Said he was going to write a song about it. I laughed. I don’t know though, something about their presence struck me as contrived. I wasn’t connecting with the music anymore. Billy played 33 and 1979 on the guitar, and I went outside to smoke a cigarette. My attention was elsewhere, I felt like I’ve heard all this before. There was nothing to it. I’m not a really big fan of the new album (I do like certain songs), but as a whole, no. So, when they played most of the new material, I was just like, this sucks!

      It pains me to admit these feelings. But it was so obvious, I can’t deny them. They played Starla and cut out about 5 minutes of the solo. They played Drown, hurriedly, and Billy attempted to mimic the feedback with high-pitched soloing. They played Rock On, probably my least favorite song ever by them, and mixed it with Ironman and Heavy Metal Machine. It was all over the place.

      They played Doomsday Clock as part of the encore and I had already called my ride to pick me up. I don’t know, it was probably the worst concert I’ve ever been to. I think because I’ve followed them for so long, and have such great memories that blast the Zeitgeist tour out of the water. Just felt like a disconnected greatest hits masturbation fest. Maybe they’re taking it easy for Jimmy? Billy didn’t engage the crowd at all. Ginger and Jeff might as well have been marionettes. Two thumbs down. As hard as it is to say that. Lose the old material. In with the new.

      I think I saw the band clockout their timecards on the way off the set.

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      Unfortunatly, i felt the same way somewhat at the Detroit show in October. Very disconnected, no emotion, like in a bad mood. They were going through the motions. I think they need to concetrate some more energy on older material though. BC for some reason is afraid to revisit the Siamese Dream era. Be it in concert, or in what is written in new material. It all has to change drastically. I dont understand it totally. To play songs from Gish and SD, is playing what brought many older fans in, why turn your back on soo much?! Anyways, i feel ya….

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      Yeah, hard to disagree with you there. Siamese Dream is my favorite album of theirs, and I guess I understand why BC doesn’t revisit it. I mean, he was very troubled and angst-ridden during the album writing process, recording, and subsequent tour. Maybe the music brings back bad memories for him. However, out of this \"pain\", came his masterpiece, imo.

      And then, when I listen to pre-Gish material, I’m completely blown away there too. This whole Bring the Light shit has got to go. I’m not feeling that. Bring the Light???? What happened?

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      Sorry to read this guys, but I guess it’s understandable… for at least 3 reasons. First, they played close to 100 gigs in less then half a year. They are probably tired. Second, we are not talking about a band in their creative & energetic (body and mind-wise) prime-time here. Though 40 (and Jimmy is even 43 I believe) is not that old, it comes with a different moodset, and different body abilities as in the Twenties. But the main reason is us guys. Us. We have grown older. We are not easily shocked or surprised anymore. We also have a different set of moods and feelings today, compared to 10-15 years back. We know what Siamese Dream did to us, we know what our first concert did to us. And that thing won’t come back. Never, admit it.

      I’m not playing the band’s unpaid lawyer here. But I’m appreciating the new album and the recent concerts in a very different way. It’s AGAIN a new type of album, still rock, but a new set of songs on their own in the whole Pumpkins back catalogue. With a few pearls between them, again. Worthwhile of carrying the name Smashing Pumpkins, just my opinion. I went to Pinkpop this year to see them, and it was a good concert. Not awesome, but pretty good, I even had tears in my eyes when they played Gossamer. In 2000 I went to their farewell tour (Ahoy Rotterdam), and I didn’t like the concert that much. No atmosphere, awful sound quality (at least on the balcony where I was). But when I listen to the many recent concerts I download, I’m loving the little details, the solos, the few songs that rock out… Heavy Metal Machine from the AOL Sessions: AWESOME! But I do not get that general \"blown away\" feeling either of a whole concert. Because I’m not the guy anymore that gets blown away easily. Instead I get my own little :D moments collecting their stuff, and finding little precious things sometimes… And listening to the old songs mostly. :wink:

      Anyway, get what I mean? We’re getting older, grumpier, and we can’t blame Billy and his band for that part. By the way, when you think of it… Billy NEVER was the guy to please 100% of the audience like a rockin’ Britney Spears. It’s always been like that, and that won’t change either I guess. And I just love that spirit, always did! That connection with Billy Corgan remains till today. Well, just my humble opinion, not trying to convince you of anything here…

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      i thought 33 was one of the highlights of the shows i went to.

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      Well, i think it is a good thing to discuss our feelings towards the band, because the true fan is not the one that agrees with everything.

      I agree with Arthur. It’s not my case, but reading a lot of older fan’s experiences, i realized that their experiences were not the same (of course). And it is my case with other bands, that i have been following a long time ago. Last weekend i went to a concert of a portuguese band that i really like, and the concert was amazing, but it was not the same feeling that i’ve felt years ago. The band is more mature, i’m more mature, things change. I was surrounded by people with 13-16 years old, that were having a great time, just like me at that age. And the highlights of the show (for me) were all the old songs, that are rarely played.

      So you guys, must feel like i felt last weekend.

      I started listen to the pumpkins when i was 13, i think, and i never had the chance to see them live, because my mother won’t allow me to, at that age.

      This year was the first time that i saw them live. i was so excited and with very high expectations. At the end i can say that i loved every minute of it. I would change just one thing if i could. I would change gossamer. The concert was very short, and that song (amazing one i must tell), is very long. I think it would be an awesome choice in a longer concert. The \"less good\" aspect of the concert was the fact that billy didn’t said almost anything to the crowd, besides \"thank you\". No conversation at all ! Nothing!

      But the feeling and energy in the concert blow me away. There were several moments were my eyes were full of tears. Just closed my eyes, and everything sounded so perfect…

      But yes, i’m councious that in part, these feelings are a consequence to a new and very expected thing. But they sounded amazing and the concert was awesome.

      It would be terrific if i could turn back time i saw a concert in the very beggining… that would be awesome :wink:

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      It is what it is… I think maybe my disappointment comes from the number of times ive seen them live prior to this tour. SP was SOO good live the first 5-6 times!! THe last time i saw them back in the day ( in 1999), the show was bad, kind of argueing on stage between BC and J. Iha. I wanted to see the high spirited, fun band of yesteryear. So, what im trying to say is MAYBE i caused my own disappointment. No matter what, im a Pumpkinhead til the end!!!! :mrgreen: :oops:

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      it sucks that you had a bad gig, it really does. no-one wants to go through that…
      but like arthur said, the band has changed, and you, the older pumpkinheads, will have a different set of memories and expectations.
      but a bad gig is still annoying and disappointing.
      basically, i feel for you :)

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      Thanks for the support Superlord. :)

      I agree with what you guys said. Maybe I’ve outgrown the whole concert thing. I’m certain I still love the Pumpkins. Always have and always will. But, man, what a let-down. :(

      I guess I’m getting to be an old fart. I should invest in a really nice pair of headphones and just stay home from now on!

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      Hey manillascissor, I recently downloaded this show you went to, to set up the Tour History. … locid=1067

      I gave this show a proper listen, and to my opinion, what you witnessed was a pretty good rockshow, absolutely in line with the whole tour. The Pumpkins gave you over 2 hours of music, with the new versions of Ava Adore and Lucky 13 that they have been playing at the end of the tour. Very remarkable to me was the longest Heavy Metal Machine version they played so far, with pieces of Iron Man, On The Road Again and I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll, it lasted 18 and a half minutes! Notable also are the 3 (!) encores they gave, where 1, sometimes 2 is the standard…

      However, I get what you mean after all. What Billy is now doing with his band is giving the audience a superb rock ‘n’ roll show. There is not much left of the 1990-1996 angst-ridden shows you probably witnessed before, right?

      I can’t blame Billy for this, however. Like I said before, the age of 40 comes with a different mindset…

      Probably you should download it also manillascissor, and give it a re-listen? Well, just my 2 cents…

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