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      jawn till dusk

      It’s a sad day, but it has to be done unfortunately.

      I’ve too many items to list them all, so I’ll put up these just now and if you fancy a look for anything else you can look me up in collections.

      I’m not looking to rip anyone off, so only fair bids are welcome.

      Thanks guys!

      Here we go –

      Gish longbox

      G.L.O.W promo

      Crestfallen promo

      S.D. wooden box

      SIYL 12” promo

      Zero 12”

      Monuments signed/ltd/coloured 12”

      MCIS minidisc

      Machina minidisc

      Tristessa 12”

      Tristessa 10”

      Rhinoceros 7” promo

      I am one 7” promo flexi

      Aegea black vinyl

      Aegea lavender vinyl

      Aegea red vinyl.

      Thanks again!

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      I’m interested in the MCIS minidisc 🙂

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      jawn till dusk

      Here’s my email/paypal if anyone is interested.

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