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      (This release): … &item=1549

      i.e. both LP labels list Geek U.S.A. to Luna on sides two and four.

      There’s no mention of it on SPfreaks, neither does discogs, aside from a comment. … se/1621978

      Anyone know about this? Mispressing? Rarity?

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      I hadn’t heard about this, but I assume it’s a mistake. Not really a mispressing, but yeah, same family. I guess it’s quite rare. Dunno.
      Has anyone else heard of copies with this mistake before?

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      What’s the difference between a \"mispressing\" and a \"mistake\"?

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      i guess they’re both used to mean the same thing.
      it’s just with a record, when you say \"mispressing\", one might conclude something went wrong while pressing the records. and if i understand it correctly, there’s nothing wrong with the music on the records. it’s all there, everything on its correct side. right? they just put the wrong label on one side.
      if you’re using a different, broader definition of \"pressing\", then mispressing could also apply here.

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      I see. Yes, all of the music is correct. Using the wrong plates to press an entire record pressing is a far worse mistake than the wrong labels getting slipped in for a few records.

      I wonder if there are any out there with two labels that read Cherub Rock to Soma?

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