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      It looks like it’s in a pretty good condition, with a nice starting price. With 10,000 pressed it’s not that rare I guess, but maybe 1 of you guys is still looking for it. By the way, I just hate sellers that SHOUT LIKE THIS GUY DOES!!!!

      Brrrr… :shock: … NA:US:1123

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      yeah… ‘shouters’ on any website are annoying. the only thing i find more annoying are people wHo CoMmEnT lIkE tHiS. but you only find those on myspace and livejournal… usually.

      anywho, 10000 pressed doesn’t make it that rare, but then again MCIS vinyl had 10000 pressed (right?) and it is still somewhat sought after. please correct me if get the numbers wrong :lol:

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      mcis got at least 20,000 pressed.

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      Actually, 10,000 pressed yes. But this one doesn’t even come with the pic sleeve. I’ve never seen one with the pic sleeve that had the jukebox tab, so my thinking is that this one is somewhat rarer: only because of the little tab. I’ll actually probably bid on it. ;)

Viewing 3 reply threads

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