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      I’m very proud to announce you guys something.

      A while back I was contacted by Milan, representative of the Starla/SPLRA websites. As he thought we SPfreaks are from the same breed as the people behind Starla/SPLRA he suggested a cooperation between those 3 websites. We let this idea sink in, talked about it many times, and a few days back the final plan was made and the concepts were written and approved. But first let me introduce Starla and SPLRA to you guys that don’t know them yet.

      Starla ( ) is since long THE portal for (almost) all relevant Smashing Pumpkins websites. When Google is used to search for \"Smashing Pumpkins\", Starla will appear on page 1. Over the years Starla has remained it’s popularity, but on a sidenote, Starla is not much updated lately as SPfreaks is still not on it! :P (But times will change, read on!)

      SPLRA ( ) or Smashing Pumpkins Live Recording Association is since long THE website for traders and tapers of concerts of the Smashing Pumpkins. They have an immense database of all known recordings, tour history, stage banter, etc. Their Wiki and Database Alpha are unmatched sources of information. Also this very well-known website appears on the first pages of Google.

      Starla and SPLRA are run by the same people, though Milan mainly runs Starla alone. Together, Starla and SPLRA attract 100,000+ visitors each month. For comparison, SPfreaks humbly follows with a few thousand hits each month.

      But what will the cooperation mean, will SPfreaks, being a relative small and unknown website, disappear, or merge into there, not to be found back? No. Not at all. On the contrary I would say.

      In a joined effort between Starla and SPfreaks we will kinda recreate Starla as THE portal for SPLRA and SPfreaks. Also every relevant Smashing Pumpkins forum, website, wiki, blog, etc. will get, or belong, its place on it, like before. The existing list on Starla will be updated. But both SPLRA and SPfreaks will get a prominent and unique place on Starla, each holding and updating their own content. And in the concept we choose for this it will be extremely easy to browse around between the 3 websites!

      To cut it all short: together the 3 websites will provide every Smashing Pumpkins fan, researcher, collector, trader, blogger… just everybody an unique virtual place to experience the Smashing Pumpkins internet trip. It will be the hardcore SP fan’s homepage we are sure! :wink:

      Phase 1 of this plan is intended to take place in Q1 2008. The recreation of Starla should go live somewhere then. We are working on more plans for Phase 2 and beyond, but they are based on the outcome of the first phase. Those next phases might be filled with more cooperation with other websites, more userfriendly features, more database integration, things like that. As it is a voluntary job for everybody involved, we hope you understand we cannot be held responsible for exact timeframes or to implement every feature you might want. But we do hope it is a good start for the creation of an unique Smashing Pumpkins platform that will KICK ASS and will stand for many years to come!

      You guys might understand I’m very excited about this. Hopefully this will bring SPfreaks to the next level in 2008 and beyond: being just as popular as the co-websites, and mingle in with the biggest Pumpkins websites around. I know some of you have been expressing that ambition, which I fully share… This might be the start of it. Fingers crossed!

      Oh and please use this topic to bring in any ideas & support you might have! Rock on!
      Arthur 8)

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      But will the frontpage here be completely changed, as well as the layout etc.

      Because i’m quite comfortable with those :)

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      But will the frontpage here be completely changed, as well as the layout etc.

      Because i’m quite comfortable with those :)[/quote:2kgxs8rc]
      No, on the contrary. Actually they are very happy with our layout, and they are going to take some of our ideas, like our pic of Billy on the background. Our layout and features will not change for 1 pixel! Another thing I can tell already also: they will use our Forum and close down their (hardly used) forum, and the SPfreaks Forum will be the future forum of choice for all of us. Maybe we will create a new chapter and go to 6 user forums, or rename 1 of the forums, but that’s not sure yet. This wasn’t discussed much so far.

      There is however a big difference in color schemes. They have configured their sites more on the white, yellow and grey side, while we are more black, grey, red and blue (the last two colors are a reference to the Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie colors, for your information :wink: ). It’s a challenge to create a common layout for Starla within these limits… I’m sure we will figure that out. But again, SPfreaks will not change a pixel. Superlordspamulon, you can sleep at ease with these thoughts in mind… 8)

      As soon as we can show a pic of the general idea, we will.

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      cool arthur im looking forward to this. good move

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      This is great news! SPFreaks is growing! I hope some more people come over to this forum and start chatting it up. :D

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      That’s really great news ,Spfreaks moving forward is good to hear!!!!! 8)

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      That looks great!

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      This is pretty awesome. I was heavily involved with at their founding ’98 when nobody knew who they were or gave a damn, and after a while I didn’t think either site would make it. It’s very nice to see that everyone (including SPfreaks!) has done well for themselves and are all getting along. Congratulations!

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      hi henry. nice to see you’re also still around in the pumpkins scene!

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      Awww how sweet…

      \"SPfreaks, where old friends meet\"

      (Friends series tune playing on the background)


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      Awww how sweet…

      "SPfreaks, where old friends meet"

      (Friends series tune playing on the background)


      Not only that – new friendships are made!


      (Billy would be proud of us :D)

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      Meanwhile this project is under construction also. Here is another artist impression.

      Having a new born in the programmers family caused some delay, but we are picking up again! The main changes are, we want to keep the old Starla logo (everybody LOVES it! so why get rid of it huh? :wink: ), and the whole page is going to be beautifully yellow. What do you think?

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      Personally, i think each page should keep its personal style.

      And the tabs need to be MUCH smaller. They’re taking up way too much screen real estate.

      And, off topic of course, what the hell are you doing with IE5? Jeez… update it already… :roll:

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      It’s IE 6.0.2800.1106IS, and no way I’m going to update. :P

      I have the most stable machine for 7 years in a row now with Windows 2000, no firewalls, no crashes, nothing at all. Occassionally a little virus passes by, and the only thing I have to do is \"oosh, oosh, off you go!\". Never change a winning team. 8)

      Oh, the tabs by the way, they will be filled with News items from all websites. It looks empty now, but that’s going to change. If not, the tabs might become a bit smaller of course.

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      Meh. If you want a sub-par internet experience, then that’s fine, that’s fine.

      I mean, who wants tabbed browsing, where you can essentially have many pages open simultaneously without lots of windows open?

      Who wants advanced pop-up blockers, preventing annoying ads coming up all the time?

      Who wants phishing filters and other various built in protection, preventing viruses and the such in the first place?

      Who wants RSS feeds, allowing you to subscribe to blogs or other alerts, allowing you to keep up to date with your favourite websites?

      Not I, i’ll tell you that!


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      \"yawns again…\"

      For the deaf and blind I repeat, only once: never change a winning team.

      Can I get back to sleep now again, please? Thank you.

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      Meh. I tried to help :lol:

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      oh this is so exciting, i think it looks great and i can’t hardly wait!!!!! i like the tabs, i think they look nice. oh oh oh, this will be so neat!!

      on another note, arthur, you might reconsider your stance on the ie thing if you could try all the cool tabs you can have open and not mess up the screen, i have like 15 open right now. and i can get to everyone easly. plus i have stoped like 20 popups in the time i have been on this morning. you know, just something to thin about. :wink:

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      Yeah I know bullet… I didn’t tell you everything in 1 go. :wink:

      That big machine also has a wireless hotspot for my laptop, and my laptop is 2008 alright. 8)

      And I even use my pda telephone sometimes to post here… 8) 8) 8)

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      ooooo, your all high tech, very impresive. ok, i will leave you alone about that then.

      but i am very excited about all the new stuffs.

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      oh and i forgot, it will be neat to have this forum as the main one for all of the sites.

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      oh and i forgot, it will be neat to have this forum as the main one for all of the sites.[/quote:2qlyqm87]
      I forgot to tell you guys… It will be.

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      Kick ass 8)

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      twice the kick assness, maybe even three times

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      Lookin good!

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      I changed the pic on my other post (page 1) to what it actually looks now after tonights work, to give you an idea why the tabs are kinda big. The yellow area will be stuffed with all the known Pumpkins websites, and there will be no ads anymore.

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      that looks really great!

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      any news on this arthur?

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      any news on this arthur?[/quote:10jkju82]
      No, sorry. :cry:

      Milan, the programmer of it all, is very busy with his newborn, and he probably needs some focus on his paid job also, just like me lately. The last time I talked to him on MSN, a few weeks ago, he said he is still 100% sure that he is going to finish it… someday… :roll:

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      cool. i understand about that.

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