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      As I’m a CD collector only, I have no chance (yet) to listen to Stellar, which is only at i-Tunes. But I’m curious! Who has downloaded it and listened?

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      Go here Aurthur ,they have for download* Stellar*

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      :D thanks! And it’s a good song! Agree Tree_Spirit?

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      Cool. Zeitgeist too! Can I get Death from Above this way?

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      Go here Aurthur ,they have for download* Stellar*[/quote:1i2eo8wj]
      wow, i wonder how long it’ll take before they shut that account down.

      i’m not an itunes fan either, but i bought stellar for 99 cents. not a bad deal.
      i was glad i was able to buy it separately. sometimes they force you to buy the entire album, because some of the tracks are not available individually.

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      😀 thanks! And it’s a good song! Agree Tree_Spirit?[/quote:1jywoqa4]

      I like d that song very much Arthur,but I haven’t heard a song that didn’t like by Sp or Billy :D

      Cool As Ice Cream ,I’m the same not a fan of I-tunes.I don’t download music onto my laptop.I don’t think that them downloads will stay there long either,before myspace will take it down.But a good way to get to hear the song,if you haven’t heard it.I also think the marketing idea for getting the songs threw i-tunes only wasn’t the greatest of idea in the first place.

      manillascissor,I haven’t seen death from above song anywhere.I’ll keep a look out for ya.Only place I’ve seen it ,is on youtube.Billy sung it quiet awesomely,very moving for sure.It’s one my favorite vid’s .

      Everyone have an awesome day!

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      Go here Aurthur ,they have for download* Stellar*[/quote:lfi2ukac]

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      Go here Aurthur ,they have for download* Stellar*[/quote:1gltuh5l]
      same here, thanks a lot, was looking for that also. I JUST HATE I-TUNES (and i never use capitols so i really don’t like it :P )

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