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      Spectator … he-you-bed

      this was a great article…I’m getting even more excited for this box set thing happen
      good job Sven :)

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      i just gotta say this first….

      that looks like a penis.

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      true and ewww

      i hope Billy has better artwork :roll:

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      1- thanks for the kind words!-

      2- YES! – it NOT ONLY LOOKS like a PENIS!!!- it’s a drawing of ONE too, even!—-!!!

      3- Still:

      The Pixies – ‘Minotaur’ box (penis or not or whatever!) is ONE heck of a splendid box set, even!: a TRUE work of art!—

      mind you!:
      I won’t buy ‘Minotaur’,
      I didn’t get the ‘Ten’ box by Pearl Jam either!,
      the full deal totally deluxe edition of a sorry excuse for a mis-happened record called ‘Ghosts I-IV’ by NIN!;

      I DO totally APPRECIATE ‘Minotaur’ as that’s totally AWESOME!!! if you ARE into the Pixies!,
      I DO totally APPRECIATE the ‘TEN’ box set re-issue by Pearl Jam as that’s totally AWESOME!!! if you ARE into PJ!!—

      on a tangent, but still-

      last week, I was in Manchester, UK at a friend of mine-
      that night we were to see NIN play their show at the M.E.N. Arena-
      via some contacts we were notified Jane’s Addiction would NOT only open for NIN the same and next night at the O2 Arena in London (which my friend and I would attend too), but also play an intimate show the day-after in London!-

      I texted my ex-girlfriend-
      (for: I knew she’d be in London with a looney-friend of hers!)
      about this SPECIAL and INTIMATE JA-show!-

      neither my friend nor I myself can give a shit about JA!, not in an arena nor in a small venue!-

      I gathered my ex-gf would appreciate this small show!-

      OK!, heck!-
      she’s too way down the ‘borderline’-hole to acknowledge my/our tip/notice!
      (nor: say any thnx! or whatever for letting her KNOW!)-

      she went with her friend!- to this small JA-show!-
      OK!- cool!- just like I thought and meant it to be!-
      (from a contact of mine in the NIN/JA-crew I learned she was there, got backstage; and—-errr—- let’s NOT go there?!- OK?!- thnx!)—-

      what I’m trying to say is:
      – when I/we notified my ex-GF about that intimate JA-show-
      that WAS because I/we KNEW it was something special!-
      it would mean something to HER!!!-

      my friend and I-
      we could have been there without any trouble!-
      we weren’t!- we didn’t!-
      we don’t give a SHIT about JA!-


      if and when you don’t give a shit about the Pixies-
      > you don’t and won’t buy ‘Minotaur’!!!-
      simple as that-

      if and when you don’t give a shit about Pearl Jam or Pearl Jam’s ‘Ten’ album-
      > you don’t and won’t buy the ‘Ten’ box set edition!!!-
      simple as that-

      per se-



      as per NIN with the way below mediocre, or: even better, even: to be honest: totally shameful: ‘Ghosts I-IV’-

      > PIXIES >>> old stuff!—
      > PEARL JAM >>> old stuff!—

      as per NIN-

      > NEW stuff!—

      it sold like a motherfucker and made Trent Reznor fucking rich in just ONE day of this abomination going on sale!-



      People DID give a SHIT!- or: GAVE! a SHIT then!—-

      Jane’s Addiction NEVER did it for me-
      Jane’s Addiction WAS shit and SHITE on record; as far as I was and am concerned!-
      Hence: I didn’t give a SHIT!-
      NOT for their opening show @ the M.E.N. Arena- (and, boy!: DID they SUCK!- what a horrible band JA totally IS!!!)
      NOT for their opening show @ the O2 Arena! (need I say: same old, same old!; alas!- my friend and I went in at the VERY end of JA’s set only!!!- from the backstage that was!; as we were being ‘kicked-out’ as NIN had to get ready for their show!)
      NOT for their own show in a small venue!-

      My ex-GF DID give a SHIT!-
      SO!: she was there at the intimate show as per my/our prior/advance notice!-
      She loved it- I/we hope/trust/gather—
      At least: backstage-stories…. NOPE!— won’t go there!—-



      She DID give a SHIT!-
      per se, ok!-


      Apart from her-

      People DID give a SHIT!- or: GAVE! a SHIT then!—-


      It had been SO LONG since a show by Jane’s Addiction in the UK!—

      A long time since-
      Thus: something ‘special’-
      Someting ‘special’ you can be part-of-

      Same applies to:

      ‘Ghosts I-IV’ by NIN > NEW MUSIC! – STILL UNHEARD!!! > STILL: it had been quite a while: limited editions! > being part-of! > thus: total selling-out of the editions!-


      does it, really?!-


      THAT’s what’s the point of my article on!!!-

      – is it REALLY like my ex-GF going to see JA for she’d NEVER seen them before in a small club (apart from the night before at the O2 Arena) and thus!- just: having to BE there!-

      – is it REALLY like buying this thing for collection’s sake and nothing more?-


      – can The Smashing Pumpkins make their release(s) from The Archive totally ‘worthwhile’?!-

      – to not be bought and had by those like my ex-GF: just to have, just to have been there-????

      – to not be bought and gather dust only!-


      – to be bought to be APPRECIATED!!!!
      (like I and my friend DO NOT appreciate JA- but: thought to know: my ex-GF ‘might’ APPRECIATE JA! and!- THUS: gave her the notice!)
      (like I and my friend both collect and DO and even that very JA-night!- DID enjoy!- his special vinyls, special editions, deluxe sets, box sets and all!!)
      (like I and my friend – as much as we could have easily been there!- opted NOT to be!- there at that very JA-show!- plus: to grand our tickets and passes and all to her, to someone who’d APPRECIATE the MOMENT!!!)

      – APPRECIATION!!!! totally!!!—

      > my ex-GF @ JA in the small club show!-
      > Radiohead as per pre-order fans-only!-
      > et cetera—-

      To and for me:

      It’s all about: APPRECIATION!!!-

      I just hope the box WILL be released in a way which will bring APPRECIATION!!!-

      That’s all-

      (Sure!- my ex-GF might have and surely DID APPRECIATE the small club show by JA!- my/our advance notice and our doing further-more: NO thnx!; NO appreciation!!!)

      I just hope and trust whatever The Smashing Pumpkins decide to release from The Archive will bring APPRECITION!-
      – not only as per the contents-
      – not only as per the format, form or design-

      Just: because!-
      – like David and I advance notified my ex-GF- per se and nothing more!-

      Just: because!-
      – any release from The Archive IS- per se and nothing more!-

      A GIFT!-
      – something to say: thank you to and about!-
      – something to APPRECIATE!-

      My article only means to make the format of release the most viable way and, to me at least, that is!, the most efficient way!- to garantee: APPRECIATION!!!!—

      That’s all-


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      some pumpkins

      that really was a great read sven. i completely agree with you on your thoughts of how to release the material. era by era and taking pre orders really seems to be the way to go. and i loved your point about how it’s all about appreciating the this oppertunity. to get the chance be able to experience this material really is a gift. and i say ‘experience’ because that’s how pumpkins music is to me. it’s a connection. a connection i’m sure alot of you have. and i’m confident that whatever ends up getting released, whatever format it shows up in, will be done with appreciation for the diehard pumpkinheads who’ve been dying to hear it.

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      as per NIN-

      > NEW stuff!—

      it sold like a motherfucker and made Trent Reznor fucking rich in just ONE day of this abomination going on sale!-

      this made me laugh for some reason ^^ :lol:

      and i know i definitely plan on purchasing and appreciating any box set the pumpkins put out. i considered my TAFH to be one of my prized possessions. :wink:

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      Always enjoy your articles Sven, great one this time also!

      I really like the \"A Cabinet Of Curiosities\" box set by Jane’s Addiction, too. Cool looking and all, but the material could have been a bit more exciting. Think I’ll give it a 4/5.

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      true and ewww:[/quote:w57ae1m1]

      Looks like someone here doesnt like a penis. :lol:

      Good read that was, thanks Sven. 8)

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      ok i have to disagree with you on one thing… \"totally shameful: ‘Ghosts I-IV’-\"

      i happen to love Ghosts I-IV
      it is very nice to listen to while drawing or painting or writing poetry.

      but i do agree with you that i hope the archive material is released in a way that will make people appreciate it. i know i will because i am so much into sp. more than i have ever been about any other band period. but i know how a lot of fans are, they seem to be very UNappreciative of everything. so i really do hope they release something grand and wonderful. but i have a feeling they will :)

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      true and ewww:[/quote:2vdj0c2k]

      Looks like someone here doesnt like a penis. :lol:

      Good read that was, thanks Sven. 8)[/quote:2vdj0c2k]
      hahahaha Amnesia :lol: what’s the problem blue-it’s art ;)

      I am sure they will go above and beyond with these box sets. But regardless someone will manage to complain about it, but for the most part I think most of the fans will be very content with it-but be prepared to hear why didn’t they choose such and such song. Everyone has different expectations with music so there is no one sure fire way to please them all, but you can please a good majority. I want the artwork to be something that blows people away. It has to really relate to Billy somehow. I personally would like to see a new artist contribute to this, or for each box set a different artist to contribute to each box set? But ones who are Pumpkins fans and understands Billy!!!

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      like you? hehe you could send in some artwork :)

      i hope they do another contest like they did before. (not necessarily for the boxset, just for whatever) i will participate this time. :P i wish i would have last time, but i couldn’t get any ideas. if they do another one i will brainstorm untill something pops in there :lol:

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      hahahahaa not me :P it would be cool, but no I am my own worst critic so I say no way!! unless Billy says yes way, then I have no choice but to do it because Billy said so :lol:

      well who knows what will come about in the future just keep your mind open for ideas when and if that time comes.

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      Sven, hats off to another great article on 8)

      You write better articles, than posts on this forum, though. Were you drunk again, or something! :lol:

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      Sven, hats off to another great article on 8)

      You write better articles, than posts on this forum, though. Were you drunk again, or something! :lol:[/quote:28hj98lm]

      Thanks Arthur for the compliments on my article over @!!!
      I do my very and utmost BEST!!!-

      Also, Arthur!- no hard feelings!- but: if and when I do post here from genuine enthousiasm and passion and more- that doesn’t mean I am or was ‘drunk’ or ‘something’!- and: I do not like the insinuation nor the inferrence therein-
      OK- so my post here might have been a little bit ‘different’ and ‘passionate’ and all-
      That DOESN’T per se MEAN I was drunk or something!!!-
      I really DO NOT appreciate my passion and more to be mistaken for substance-abuse of any kind.
      Thank you.

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      Sorry! :oops:

      It was (of course) a joke SPfreaks-style, I hoped you would have recognized that… Sorry again! :oops:

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      no worries Arthur :)

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      this was a great article…I’m getting even more excited for this box set thing happen
      good job Sven :)[/quote:3bhupjmr]

      Hi everyone….it’s been awhile.

      Great article, but I should have been consulted… kidding. ;)

      Ahh, the deluxe boxset. You have no idea how popular this is right now. Deluxe boxset editions in the past few months have been released for the following artists:

      * Placebo Battle for Sun Deluxe limited to just 3000 copies:

      * Stone Roses 20th Anniversary Deluxe Collectors Edition (limited, but quantity unknown)

      * Green Day 21st Century Breakdown 3×10" w/deluxe art book (3000 copies) … d-art-book

      * Beastie Boys Check Your Head 4LP deluxe boxset (2000 copies only)

      * Beastie Boys Ill Communication 3LP deluxe boxset (1500 copies only)

      * Warchild 7" Boxset (limited to just 5000 copies)

      * Oasis 14LP boxset featuring all of the remastered albums on 180g vinyl (limited to 1500 copies)
      http://stopcryingyourheartoutnews.blogs … n-box.html

      * Animal Collective Animal Crack Box (1000 copies only)

      * Warp 20th Anniversary boxset (quantity unknown–yet to be released)

      * Ween 1996-2000 3LP boxset (limited to 1000 and numbered) sold exclusively through Aural Exploits website.

      * Pet Shop Boys Yes Deluxe Vinyl Boxset (300 copies only, each autographed). Made by the Vinyl Factory in the UK (the US version of AINR basically) this boxset was sold for $300 UK Pounds (approx $495 US) originally and now sells for over $1200+ on Ebay.

      * The Cream De La Crem. Coming out 11/3/09 is the following boxset:

      Atlantic Recording Corporation is proud to present the Time Capsule. The Ultimate collectors Limited Edition box set containing 130 timeless tracks spanning six decades of musical history. The Atlantic Time Capsule was created in the same spirit that infused the label’s very beginnings. Just as the company’s founders, to quote Ahmet, "We started Atlantic simply because we wanted to sign a few artists whose music we liked, and make the kind of records that we would want to buy," Atlantic set out to assemble a collection that would tell a story that we as listeners would want to hear. From the onset, the idea was to present Atlantic Records “from the inside.”

      The collection was compiled by a small group of passionate Atlantic staffers, who drew on rarely seen material from the company’s archives, Ahmet’s personal papers, and the work of staff photographers through the years. This unique package design contains a full color 128 page book filled with unseen “from the inside” images as well as a collection of reproduced memorabilia including: a backstage pass, handbills, posters, ticket stubs and other vintage swag. Each set is completed by an individually numbered certificate of authenticity.

      Vinyl Version contains:
      • 16 Pieces of 180 gram Vinyl : 130 tracks
      • 8 double Gatefold Jackets
      • 128 page Full Color Hard Cover Book
      • Each Piece is numbered for authenticity
      • Backstage Pass, Handbills, Posters, Ticket Stubs,
      • Vintage Swag

      Includes Tracks By:
      Ray Charles
      Aretha Franklin
      Ben E King
      Bobby Darin
      Sony & Cher
      Led Zeppelin
      Emerson Lake and Palmer
      Bette Midler
      Matchbox Twenty
      Stone Temple Pilots
      Kid Rock
      John Coltrane
      Charles Mingus
      The Drifters
      Twisted Sister
      Don Covay
      …and many others from the Atlantic family

      Can’t wait to see the price on that thing….ugh.

      So basically, I could continue going on and on. This is a trend and it is quite successful. The 10,000 copies of the TEN Deluxe boxset that sold through PJ.COM, Indie Music Stores and Best Buy all sold through. Meaning, if you don’t own one and see it in your Best Buy or Music Store, pick it up, because no more are being made.

      I love these types of boxsets and hope that the Pumpkins come out with something extremely creative. My main issue with the Pixies boxset mentioned in the article is that this is now the 4th or 5th iteration of Pixies vinyl….you had Mobile Fidelity versions, Simply Vinyl versions, Original Versions, Deluxe Heavyweight Versions. I mean how many times can you release the same shit over and over??

      Other than that, hope everyone is doing well.


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      Hi Shawn,

      thanks a lot for this Box-Set-Roundup. Very interesting.
      I think i’ll buy the WARP20-Box-Set.
      The Atlantic one sounds interesting, and the price… ughh.

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      thnx shawn-

      sorry i didn’t check with you nor consult you first :)

      awesome break down!—

      much appreciated.


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      :x oh for god’s sake, arthur.

      lol that is all. :D

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