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      Another entry in the Collection I just did is worthwhile mentioning. Check out how the Pumpkins artwork got \"censored\" in Indonesia:

      This is to my knowledge the only obvious censorship that has taken place, related to them. Probably you guys know more examples?

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      on the back of the vieuphoria video tape, silverfuck has been renamed to silvercrank.
      on the dvd, they wanted to replace it with silverf***, but at one place they edited it incorrectly and it resulted in silvercrf***.

      related: the censored version of siamese dream, where they left of the tracklisting from the back of the cd. obviously also to avoid the word \"fuck\" on the artwork.

      there exists a \"blurred\" version of the ava adore video, with someone’s butt blurred out. i guess this is the version they used to show on television.

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      yeah, i’d guess silverfuck would be censored…
      does anyone actually know why it’s called silverfuck? it really makes no sense to me :?

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      Thanks Cool As Ice Cream, nice list. I knew about the Silverfuck thingy and the Siamese Dream tracklist that was missing on a certain US version (Wall Mart if I’m right) but they didn’t come up writing the topic. Shame on me! :shock:

      However it reminded me of another VERY obvious censorship. On the Korean Zero CD single the complete artwork of the booklet was edited out and redone, except for the front. The 2 page booklet became a 4 page booklet. Obviously this censorship was done for the naked girl in the original artwork. Only after that it got the note \"Passed Censorship by K.E.C.P.P.\".

      I just checked my collection but couldn’t find the Silvercrf*** typo somewhere. To what DVD release are you referring exactly?

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      i was referring to the vieuphoria dvd release. on the back, it says silvercrf***. i thought this was the case on all the copies. (when they list the bonus tracks, they list it correctly: silverf***. so don’t look at that and think \"oh, my copy doesn’t have the typo\". there’s another silverfuck there!)

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      Yup, also the Japanese DVD has this typo, thanks for pointing this out! :)

      Update: just corrected the info on the 2 DVD’s and Zero Korea in the Collection with the notes found here. Good job!

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      korean zero? sigh… never seen it

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      korean zero? sigh… never seen it[/quote:1uksgi1z]
      It’s on our website, BleedingTheOrchid!

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      yea i know arthur but i have never seen it around it’s a rarity you know with that changed artwork

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