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      As a guitarist I am very interested to know some of the setups that BC, James, and all the others have used.. Amps, guitars, and especially pedals.. But moreso than that the setting on the pedals..

      For instance the Siamese Dream Guitar sound(distorted.. best example is \"Today\").. What I’ve gathered is that he is playing a 74 strat with lace sensors thru a Marshall JCM 900(800?) with KT88 tubes instead of EL34’s.. However with that setup, there is obviously more missing.. I would like to think that the actually gain signal is coming from a Big Muff Fuzz, but there’s still more..

      Anyway, I dont know how many musicians are on this board, but if there is a decent pop. and this thread doesnt die, then i’d like to know

      A.some of billy’s setups, as detailed as possible(e.g. for Blue Skies Bring Tears he uses Pedal X set like this).. I realise that alot of this information may not be out there though..


      B. What setups have you used to get some similar sounding stuff…

      As a musician I want to be original, but I also want to know how to create some of thee sounsd, so i can use them in my own way..

      Thanks! ::crosses fingers that thread wont die off the bat::

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      I can not help you with tips, but quite some info on equipment of the (1987-2000) Smashing Pumpkins is available at our friends of Check it out! (info behind the links on this page).

      There are many musicians on this board, and at least 2 or 3 of them are looking for a band. Let them show themselves to you zenunderground… :lol:

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      i know you guys are around.. unfortunately we are scattered across the country.. if every live in nashville, tn then the beginnings of an SP lovechild would arise and wash pop back off the radio for awhile..

      i mean the history of music repeats itsself in decades.. the 70’s were to the 90’s what the 80’s are to the aughts.. grunge is ready to resurface, and music trend analyzers are just waiting to start signing.. :)

      ok back to the topic!

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      Im not sure of the exact setups for SP, but as far as my own sound… I like to use my Digitech RP150 modeling processor to get some cool sounds out of my guitar. Also, check out Line 6 Spider III amps. They have a LOT of presets ands effects on board of the amp. Fenders new amps, the Digital Entertainment centers, have all kinds of toys on them…tons of effects and presets, and a drum and bass machine too. Depending on your pricerange and what u actually want to have, under 100 dollars…Digitech RP50, RP80, RP150. If you have money to spend… GT-8 Guitar efects processor is sweet, runs about 400-500 dollars. This thing is amazing, Its made by Boss.

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