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      Hello! :D

      Welcome to our little Smashing Pumpkins forum! Thank you very much for stopping by. If you wish to register, please click on the Register link in the top right-hand corner of this page. Once registered, you can discuss the Smashing Pumpkins from the early dress-wearing days of Gish to the contemporary dress-wearing days of Zeitgeist and beyond! :lol:

      If this is your first visit, please take a moment to peruse the rest of the site. We are proud to display and chronical every Smashing Pumpkins release known to exist. We are on Twitter and Facebook. We have regular articles and blogs on WordPress. We want this site to be the best, most comprehensive, and most enjoyable fan site ever created; but, we will need your cooperation to make it a success.

      Please post about any and every topic you deem necessary. We encourage all discussion(s). However, please refrain from unwarranted personal attacks or constant negativity. If this is why you are here, please leave. We are searching for a positive community at SPfreaks. Please join our community and help us create the best band forum on the net!

      There is one rule on this Forum, for technical reasons: the image width for pictures and/or other media attached to your post is strictly limited to 800 pixels maximum. Please keep that in mind while posting your contributions, because your attachment(s) might be deleted without further notice. Thank you!

      \\m/ :twisted: \\m/

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