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      Sp’s videos have all been very different from each other, which one was the best, or most interesting, or coolest?

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      tonight, tonight
      it’s just so brilliant, beautiful, and also dark!
      it’s also the first contact i had with the smashing pumpkins :)
      i love the style of it too
      it’s just so goddam perfect!

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      i like the vids of siva, disarm, zero, the end is the beginning is the end, ava adore and the everlasting gaze. siva because it’s old and freakin’ weird, disarm because the song is good and the vid is going well with it, zero because it rocks, the end blablabla is the best of them all (cool vid!) and ava adore… hard to explain. maybe because it’s so different! gaze because it rocks too. can i mention a live vid also, from vieuphoria? silverfuck. billy smashes everything apart in the end, but then just before he leaves stage, he looks into the audience, waves, as to say \"hey this is just a game, don’t take me too seriously, i’m sorry when you do…\" that’s my billy! but the best is this one


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      You can’t bee serious, Orchid! That is your favorite video! Wow.

      Siva was great, Cherub Rock smoldered, Ava Adore was brilliant, Everlasting Gaze rocked. (they should have videos for I of the Mourning and This Time.)

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      You can’t bee serious, Orchid! That is your favorite video! Wow.[/quote:2p4w3vdl]
      wow like in being sarcastic? or because you agree? seriously i like that vid very much because i didn’t see it too much on tv, and its not on the greatest hits dvd, so it’s almost mythical to me! the weird guitars, people floating around, and the song is really quite something also… gives me the shivers… really.

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      siyl… the best eva really purdy

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      Tonight Tonight and Today

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      Good video Bleeding the Orchid.Like that video,one Pumpkin’s best.

      I’m very big fan of the future embrace.Very under rated album for Billy.This album was all about the music.Very beautiful album.Yes i said beautiful referring to an album:lol:Love this video one my favorites.Liked the everlasting gaze ,siva video’s also.

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      I like Ava Adore and 33 the best. Ava adore because everyone in the band (at the time anyway) was completely into it. D’arcy looked hot, James was, well, James, and Billy looked like Uncle Fester, but in a good way! lol.

      33 is really neat. I like how it’s kind of trippy.

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      ooh! a video i really like (which i dont reckon has been said yet) is 1979… i just like the summer-time feel of it, how it’s just a bunch of non-caring kids in summer… and billy in the car too, it’s just really good :)

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      yeah treespirit, walking shade is pretty nice too! it could almost have been a pumpkins vid, don’t you think?

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      Yeah Bleeding,it could of been a pumpkins vid,but it’s not.Like that vid tho lots.It’s very well thought out walking shade vid.I’m more of a Billy fan ,I guess.Love the pumpkins to,like Billy might get ganged in here for,making that

      I love the everlasting gaze vid,i went over DIVX stage6 and seen that vid.It is one best quality vid’s for the everlasting gaze.Just a shame there aren’t many pumpkins video’s at stage6. … sting-Gaze

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      Ava adore

      but it’s difficult to pic just one ! tonight tonight is also AMAZING, and stand inside your love, and… ok you know :P

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      silver space suits, nice story idea and james’s georgeous silver eyeshadow


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      AWWWWW YEAH…. Rocket baby!!!!!

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      I love rocket video too, and the song as well.

      i just love the version of the song they sang at the festival i went to. i could post a great quality video for you to see, but i supose this is not the best thread :wink:

      do you want me to show you? where i can put it?

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      I got into the pumpkins in the 90’s not because of the radio play, but because the released so many good videos!

      id say 1979, and 33..

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      33 and 1979 for me.

      Oh, and hi all! I just joined. (I was on Listessa long, long ago, Sven pointed me here.)

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      33 and 1979 for me.

      Oh, and hi all! I just joined. (I was on Listessa long, long ago, Sven pointed me here.)[/quote:3jz8ret8]
      cool choices :) and welcome to the board :) hope you saty and enjoy yourself :)

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      33 and 1979 for me.

      Oh, and hi all! I just joined. (I was on Listessa long, long ago, Sven pointed me here.)[/quote:1s9y0koe]
      Hi to you breun, have fun here! :D

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      Welcome Breun…Rock on!!!

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