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      Cool As Ice Cream

      Does anyone know of a Chinese Zeitgeist 2 XRCD? The first disc contains the standard album, the second the Rotten Apples tracks. Some guy is willing to sell, but I can’t seem to find any info on this one. What would be a fair price? Thanks. BTW, I’m new here, thanks for having me!

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      Welcome Spag! Check this out: :)

      It’s a funny boot. I happen to have it too, just for fun. Don’t pay too much, 10 bucks should be enough. In China (and other Asian countries) they go for 1 or 2 dollar at the most. I found several of such boots in Malaysia.

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      Thanks for the link (don’t know why I couldn’t find it myself) and the info. Guess I’ll save myself the 25 euros he’s asking.

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      don’t know why I couldn’t find it myself[/quote:1290whh2]
      you were probably looking under "cds (official)". this is listed under "cds (unofficial)", as it’s not an official release.

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