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      sorry i don’t remember the source anymore, but they predict sales of 140,000 + in the us for zeitgeist! with these sales it might enter the billboard 100 on 1 or 2! so now who is right, the critics or the fans? :P

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      go the fans yay!
      buuuuuut… then again, how many of the sales are gonna be from the kinda fans, the ones that like tonight, tonight, and today, but not adore or machina, and are only buying the album because the pumpkins are back…
      that will count for a significant part, im afraid

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      yeah might be true, but when i seperate the fans… there is the hardcore old fans that will buy even a 25 seconds burp on cd, just because it has the name pumpkins on it, there is indeed this huge group that liked a few old nineties pumpkins songs and buy zeitgeist anyway because they heard tarantula and liked it and will not be completely disappointed by it, and there is this group of new fans, younger, that will grow into hardcore (start buying the older cd’s maybe) or the new fans just liking some songs. who-ever they are, young and old, they are the fanbase. i’m sure billy knows this, he’s doing this music thing because he likes music, and though he’s not a \"pleaser\" in my opinion, i think he takes his fanbase into consideration. see how happy he is most of the times when he can play for his fans? he has a big ego for the record industry, he has a kinda big ego when it comes to his music and running a band, but can you blame him? he has a good heart for his fans! his fans like the music, some will play it forever and go to 10 concerts in a year, some will play it once and put it aside. billy probably loves them all…

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      yeah of course
      (i count as the new fans turned hardcore, by the way :lol: )
      but… i guess im just worried of fake fans, the ones that’ll buy zeitgeist because suddenly SP are ‘cool’ to like… you know the sort, teenie boppers? them
      i guess thats what i dont want happening
      but considering the pumpkins age, somehow i doubt it :lol:

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      told ya :P


      July 18, 2007 – Pumpkins debut at #2 on Billboard Top 200!

      THE SMASHING PUMPKINS’ first album of new material since 2000-ZEITGEIST (Martha’s Music/Reprise)-enters the album charts in the Top Five in the U.S. (#2), Canada (#1), New Zealand (#1), the U.K. (#4), Italy (#5) and Switzerland (#5), with more Top Ten debuts in Germany (#7), Holland (#7) and Australia (#8 ). In the U.S., ZEITGEIST, selling nearly 150,000 copies in its first week of release, is the #1 new release of the week and debuted at #1 on the digital albums chart. The album features the first single \"Tarantula,\" now positioned at #2 on the Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart and #9 on the publication’s Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. Last week the band appeared twice on the Late Show with David Letterman, performing \"Tarantula\" July 9 and then closing out the week July 13 with another ZEITGEIST highlight \"That’s The Way (My Love Is).\"

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      go pumpkins!
      go billy!
      go jimmy!

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      thats how we roll

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