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      This little gem of mine … &item=1620
      Got a number added with the name.
      Is the number associated with the number pressed?
      Like I got number 248.
      How many were pressed?
      Does anyone else got another number?
      I’m really happy because my arrived today and I didn’t realize it when buying it but i’ts never opened :-)

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      I don’t think it has anything to do with amount of copies made. I think the number is a logical presentation of the unique watermark, and every number is linked to one name.

      I’ve seen watermarked copies of TheFutureEmbrace, and the numbers were over 7,500 and over 11,000.

      Is your number just \"248\", or is it \"00248\" or \"000248\"?

      Also, this you must tell me, where on earth did you find a copy??? I’ve been looking for this since April 2007 and I never found one.
      And was it expensive?

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      lucky bum :wink: super cool item

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      It’s just 248.
      Where I got it from? Well some secrets are good to keep for my self :-)
      And it was really cheap, if you ask me….

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      Nice item, im also looking for it, seems next to impossible to get my fat fingers on one copy.Congrats getting this. :wink:

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      anyone know if it’s a finished master or not? if not, you’re gonna have to open it and rip it. :D

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      not opening anything here.
      (not for you anyway, notch, notch)
      Anyone that can confirm the numberthing os this release?
      Manilla, didn’t you have a lookalike in doomsdayclock, has it a number?
      And does anybody know how many of these there were made?
      Mine seems to been sent to a dutch guy. Regarding the worldwide release…..

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      It’s a unique number for every cd, but I’m fairly certain that it has nothing to do with how many copies were made. The number is related to the unique watermark.

      I recently saw another copy of the TFE watermarked cd with the number 700-something. In combination with the numbers 7,000-something and 11,000-something, this basically proves that the number has nothing to do with amount of copies produced. Agree?

      Any other promo copies of Zeitgeist (e.g. the UK promo) aren’t watermarked, so they don’t carry a similar number.

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      yupp, agree
      But still it would be nice if one could know how many copies :-)
      How many are there on this side for example?
      I think that these may be hard to find out on the \"market\". Just because it got the names on it.
      Even if you don’t collect SP-recordings it’s really cool to have a promo copy with your name printed on it.
      So the persons with them may want to hold on to them….
      Am I right?

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      It’s just a guess, but I would say they made a couple of hundred of these. Maybe a couple of thousand, seeing that this is a worldwide release.

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      And because the cd has been tagged with the receivers’ name, nobody dares to sell it, or thinks it’s just to cool to keep.

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      not opening anything here.
      (not for you anyway, notch, notch)[/quote:30jx9agc]
      don’t worry, just hold it over a steaming kettle for about 15/20 minutes until it falls apart and then try using a hot-glue gun to seal it back up. it’s simple. trust me.

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      not opening anything here.
      (not for you anyway, notch, notch)[/quote:t712k6bc]
      don’t worry, just hold it over a steaming kettle for about 15/20 minutes until it falls apart and then try using a hot-glue gun to seal it back up. it’s simple. trust me.[/quote:t712k6bc]

      sounds like that would work. :D :P

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      regarding the issue of the coolness of having a cd with your name on it…
      it all depends if you think the music sucks or not ;)
      i’ve got a couple in my name and to be honest, i could care less…

      now as for this one-
      i tend to gravitate towards the idea this particular promo might feature a slightly different master…
      i.e. less volume hence less saturation/compression \"flaws/clipping\", then again it’s square waves all over if i remember correctly… it’s kinda hard to judge as this thing doesn’t play on all but one cd player of the seven i own… so…
      for some strange reason however if and when i play zeitgeist it’s this version most of the times…

      ow and the numbering is tied to the recipient’s name and both to the specific watermark embedded in the data on the disc… a programme would be able to tell which number was leaked, a list of numbers will present the name, easy peasy, hence no leaking…;)

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