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      Cool As Ice Cream

      Anyone interested in this lossless concert audio? Just pulled this CD out today after ripping the 2008 10 19 show.

      Let me know, I can send you FLAC links.

      Same show referenced on this promo:


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      sure, sounds neat.

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      i think cool as ice cream awakened a sleeping giant with the mediafire/flac thing. this is pretty freaking awesome!

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      man, so far, this sounds like shit…

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      does it really sound that bad? if so, i am sorry.

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      did the audio crap out or something? i would like to hear it if it is good.

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      is this the audio from that video? i think i have the dvd.

      the show was filmed (professionally) by several cameras, just like most of the other adore concerts. it was never released though. but somehow some french fans were able to get a copy of the footage of one camera. the audio captured by this camera isn’t that great though. (the audio wasn’t meant to be good: of course they also made a good audio recording to use for the final result, if they were ever going to broadcast it.)

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      Hey CAIC

      I’ll finish uploading soon. Maybe tomorrow. Who knows. But yeah, sounds like a camera recording. Just real shitty.

      Once I upload, I’ll let you be the judge.

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      oh, just to let you know, i abreviated his name once, and he did not like it at all.

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      well, i think i already have the audio as well. it’s available already, out there.

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