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      Here’s the recently-discovered (?) alternate 1989 version of Rhinoceros, "Everybody’s going ker-wazy over it." :)

      ^ Read the comments below as a nod to the makers and for further info on this cool video. The intrigue appears to be which version of the song’s featured (altered/early ‘Reel Time Studios Sessions’ is most likely they say)…

      The linkie to keepie:[/quote:373uy6qy]

      Are you familiar with early versions of songs? Is this truly some alternate version never before heard? I mean, it makes sense I suppose, but I just don’t have enough knowledge of the pre-Gish demos and such, I have no idea what to compare it to.

      If it is alternate, it’s still not traceable to an early demo cassette? Only unique to the ONE cassette this guy got in ’89? I find that incredibly hard to believe, as they had a polished demo version of rhinoceros in ’89.

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      SPFC lists an alternate version of Rhinoceros as appearing on the Moon Demo. I don’t remember what it sounds like off the top of my head, but later this afternoon I will search through my \"89 demo audio and see if its the same one. I think I remember having some alternate version maybe. I’ll check. :wink:

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      Ok, people better appreciate this as I had to listen to Rhinoceros 50x just to make sure I had the right ones. ( I don’t think I will be listening to it again for awhile :wink: ) These are the two pre-Gish Rhinoceros versions I think. These should be the ones from the 1989 Reel Time Sessions.

      the alternate

      the one that is more like what went on Gish (spelling error in title i made, sorry)

      (if they aren’t different, i uploaded the wrong ones. i would check, but i don’t want to hear it again. so just tell me. i’ll put up the right one.)

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      I thought I’d be able to give a quick opinion and look what happened (sowwee). Hopefully some others can chip in their thoughts sometime too…


      I suppose the ‘never before heard’ was meant to be ‘never before seen, ‘as the guy’s openly explained their video.

      If he’s being honest (I can’t see any point in lying) then it would make sense with what he says: \"The band gave us a cassette of their album before it was released. When the album was released it sounded different. I never liked the album version as much as the songs on the cassette.\"

      Here’s some links to look into that might identify the track’s origins, plus I’ve u/l a few versions:

      ^ It takes a while to build the main page up.

      I’ve only had a quick listen to blue’s tracks (sowwee again), we should nominate her as spfreaks’ official \"RCT\" – Rhinoceros Chief Tester! Good work and thanks for joining in, only 50x? :wink: Here’s some others and the SP & Moon track’s from this: … &item=1584

      I’m not sure if I have the Gish Rough Mix version, so in future I’d add that in… :)

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      My computer was crapping out and I kept losing track of the ones I wanted to upload off my bootleg CDs. It really only took hour, it just felt like I heard it 50x. As for being the Rhiniceros tester, I would rather die. I don’t want to hear that song again for at least a year.
      :x :) :lol:

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      Thanks for the explanation ;)

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      Here’s a version I uploaded with the organ solo: … annel_page and I think even this one is recorded with Mark Ignoffo?

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      ^ Beautiful video, it’s a ‘see to the end always,’ for sure. :)

      Rhinoceros from the Ignoffo Tape, seems identical to that on the first video?

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      thanks in advance Dazey :) i will get it when i get home

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      Thanks Dazey!
      my computer froze after this download was complete..not your fault, my pc acts like an ass sometimes..

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