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      What are your thoughts and opinions to the numbers and does it mean anything to you?

      666 I have read is the reversal of 999 and was created in a way to create fear..I can’t remember exactly, but something like that…
      and 999 is a spiritual number as well is 777
      or lucky sevens as we call it…

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      777 is a book written by the magician Aleister Crowley about the symbolism of many world religions, a sort of key to it all, and also goes into the symbolism of the Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn. If you look closely at the GATMOG animated videos, Crowley’s Thoth Tarot Deck is featured in it, and I remember the main website back in 2000 having a link to the deck online.

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      humm, interesting, and i did not understand any of what you just said, but it sounds interesting. is it showing that i have the flu?

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      I had to read twice so you’re not alone.

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      i think we need more explanation. sounds interesting though. :wink: and i don’t get GATMOG.

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      yes more explaining please.

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      I kinda did some research on this, but there is so much other stuff to read beyond just that. Don’t know where to start???
      fascinating though :)

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      GATMOG = Glass And The Machines Of God, an obscure project of Smashing Pumpkins / Billy Corgan that was never finished. I don’t know much about it to be honest. A little more info on our website here:

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      Awww, Iridesce, you’re here too? :) Come back already from your trip; I’m getting bored with no one to talk to :(

      As for the image Arthur posted, I’ll eventually cover it at The NACHTKABARETT, don’t worry :)

      That image in question is primarily a combination of several rather significant alchemical seals that I’m familiar with. The majority of the green seals are Enochian magic; invocations of the Angels. As for the side of the image composed of the number thirty-three: 33, like 333, 666, 777, and 999 is a highly spiritual number – all of the numbers in question are important largely due to their numerological implications, and for their prevalence in the magickal communities (777 and Crowley for example, to which Iridesce already extrapolated on).

      Gah…close to 100 pages of material on Nachtkabarett/SmashingPumpkins and I still haven’t even begun to scratch the surface. Talk about a daunting project!

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