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      hey im trying to follow some other places too but lately they are dead, what happened? … d=Smashing nothing happened sice 2 months same dead since a month maintanance??? its like this for a few days already :? dead nothing happens here dead dead dead … d=Smashing dead

      on the other hand this place is new and alive, nice place
      and you know this place is probably bigger as netphoria?
      kinda active board also

      anyway are you checkin out other boards also? just wanna know what else to see there is (this place is my favourite by the way i dont post on the other places)

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      :lol: no mention of netphoria’s status on there! niiiice :)
      i have no idea about other sites. i dont post on any other site, well at least not as frequently as this one :? i’ve tried at an mcr one, but it dodnt feel right for me, and i’ve tried the \"\" forum, but dont really post on there either. [note: i suggest you visit if you like funny and/or immature comics :D )

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      yeah should have mentioned netphoria also but i dont go there often my favourite places are pumpkinsnet and blamo and hipster since a while. and whenever i see somthing i post it here. but superlord you said you are fan of chemical romance but dont post on them forum? why?

      oh and i forgot another place i checked out long time ago but is dead also now

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      i don’t because… lots of people and stuff, i guess im kinda intimidated :lol:
      also i dont like the layout as much… ok it’s essentially the same as this one but the ‘new post etc.’ icons arent as clear or as useful… so yeah. i just dont like posting anywhere else but here :lol:

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      sweet :) same here not for being intimidated cause im not but i always liked the pics and so on in the collection so when this board started arthur asked me to test so i did and stayed. im not so much into forums only this one you know rest i only brows around to see the news and so on. how did you get here anyway as you’re not so much into forums either?

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      i believe it was ‘advertised’ on the SP home page. i checked it out and decided to try it, and stayed :)

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      There is another board in Italy called bcit, and don’t forget Ozphoria in Australia. And there is another board with a few 100 members, but I don’t know it’s name anymore. Something with Zero Children, I don’t know. I noticed fucknetphoria also, at first I thought it was our \"friendly competitor\" as they started just a few days before us in July 2007, but grew pretty fast for a start. They now have 125+ members, but nobody is posting anymore since midway August. Weird. I guess they blew up with too many forums to start with. Hopefully they will continue their good job soon again, it’s such a waste spending so many hours developing such a thing and then leave it…

      I do post also on, and Netphoria a few times to explain a bit about SPfreaks. is hopefully back online soon. And this SPfreaks board… is here to stay! With your help guys, thanks! 8)

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      And this SPfreaks board… is here to stay! With your help guys, thanks! 8)[/quote:30z6qqw2] hey no problem :D (by the way, have you noticed that there are like 40-50 members here, but only about 10 are/beggining to be regular posters? :lol: )

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      (by the way, have you noticed that there are like 40-50 members here, but only about 10 are/beggining to be regular posters? :lol: )[/quote:3dx232hc]
      Yeah, kinda normal behaviour I guess when I look around on other boards. Almost all boards have statistics when you look around a bit, and for example has over 3,000 members, but only a few dozen of them are regular posters, tons of them hop by every now and then. The biggest group however is the non-members (or "lurkers"), they only browse around to read the posts. I’m sure we as SPfreaks Forum are no different in that and have the same type of visitors of all kinds, in approximately the same percentages somehow as other boards.

      Maybe there is a tiny difference however, but i cannot fully judge that: the fake & spam accounts. We have a strict policy for that, they got deleted the same or next day and next to that they are being mailbanned or even ip-address banned. That’s why this forum is very clean of spam messages. But I couldn’t tell if other boards just ban them only and don’t delete the accounts afterwards, just to "pump up" the number of members. We are not doing that anyway. Besides that we have the policy that every member with 0 posts will be deleted after 6 months.

      At the moment however, less then 3 months after we started and 51 members as we speak, and 30-35 regular and occasional posters, while there are at least 5-10 other active Smashing Pumpkins boards… I’m actually kinda proud in a humble way of us SPfreaks, of both the team and the members and the contributors. 8)

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      yeah you should be proud! it’s an extremely useful and good site, and it’s gaining popularity despite only being up for three months :) so yeah. rock on :)

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