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      from HU

      Break out your dancing shoes for this club remix of “Disarm” from LA-via-Hartford DJ Randy Boyer, known for his remixes of Justin Timberlake and Imogen Heap.[/quote:o1cpuf71]

      i’m usually pissed when someone fucks with a pumpkin song, but i have to say not bad. i like electronica/ techno stuff though. plus its better than some of the other mixes i’ve heard.

      its pretty good. i ripped it for my ipod. i like it a lot. ;) its my fave pumpkin remix i think. it keeps enough of the original song so that its not like WTF, what did they do. its a really good remix.


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      Wouldn’t exactly break out my dancing shoes for a song like Disarm, but even though it’s nothing quite so special at least they didn’t fuck up the song so much.

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      its not dance worthy, true. plus Disarm is sad, but its not too bad compared to the painful Perfect and 1979 mixes. :x the horror! i hate those ones. i like this one though. its decent.

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      I’m not fond of this. I can’t stand the repetitive beats. That is why Jimmy is the drummer ;)
      and this crap isn’t even club worthy-bring in the real or don’t. I’m not a fan of techno.

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      Im really not fond of any Smashing Pumpkins remixes at all, and this Disarm mix was beyond terrible :(

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      i don’t really care for this remix. i do like the 1979 moby mix though, but of course you all probably know that from before :lol:

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      This video has been removed, due to terms of use violation! :lol:

      Anyway, on Juli 31, 2009, DJ Tiesto (Dutch DJ, announced best DJ of the world several times) had this Smashing Pumpkins Disarm remix in his show called Club Life on Radio 538. Hour 1, starts at around 11:00. Here is the full show. I was not impressed by the remix inside this radio show, to be honest, but I’m not into the modern trance too much anymore. Maybe some of you like it? Anyway, here you have it, + the full 7 minutes remix in a separate file. (full 2 hr DJ Tiesto – Club Life 122 radio show) (Smashing Pumpkins – Disarm (Randy Boyer remix))

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      yay! i love Tiesto. i will download that at home. :)

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      as per DJ Tiesto: I don’t ‘exactly’ in any way like ‘care’ for his productions or, if you really insist: for his ‘music’…

      Tijs, DJ Tiesto, coming from a province-town in The Netherlands, has popularised a style of dance or ‘trance’ that kinda seems to appeal to a lot of people.
      he’s literally MASSIVE in his home country and across Europe and beyond too…

      All respect to Tijs where respect is due and for, here, respect IS due!, as far as I am concerned!-

      it seems Tijs has gained respect from some ‘indie-rockers’ too, according to this article: … sto-album/

      i fear the worst to be honest-
      (for example: refer to the remix album for Bloc Party’s last LP to notice not ALL dance-dudes know how to handle a ‘rock’-voice with some kind of ‘subtle’ touch, let alone: some respect for the original song…)

      then again…
      this just goes to show Tijs / DJ Tiesto has made the grade not only in the dance-world, but way beyond and even into the so-called \"true\" indie-rock circles…

      the album mentioned in the linked article is a DJ Tiesto-record, so no ‘butchering’ of already existing songs et al!-

      then again…
      i wouldn’t be too surprised if some day a DJ Tiesto remix (authorized and all, this is) of a Pumpkins-song would pop up…
      i mean: the Pumpkins and/or BC ok-d horrid remixes before!- a DJ Tiesto might be a totally different sound and genre- still: it just, all the same, could be quite a change for the better, or: somewhat better, or: at least, somewhat less horrid…

      maybe THAT can count for someting?
      maybe THAT’s some kind of ‘consolation’ of sorts, when it comes to the ‘remix-issue’???

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      i haven’t downloaded this yet, but i love Bloc Party and i really like Tiesto’s One More Chance mix. that particular Bloc Party song lended itself already though towards trance type stuff as Bloc themselves tend to fuse trance and techno into their music. if you hear the original it already is more that type of music. Bloc Party anymore are a fusion of trance/ techno and a kind of post punk indie rock so electronic mixes make sense there.

      as for Tiesto- i think he has some really great stuff. i like his album Just Be a lot. Adagio For Strings is a neat track. i do kind of like Armin Van Buuren better though and a few others. mostly i just really like trance and techno though. and i like Tiesto’s podcasts.

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