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      Spectator … -this-year would like to make a special announcement on behalf of bassist Ginger Pooley, but it might be best to just let her speak for herself:

      This year so far seems to be a year of change and growth for the Pumpkins. I am happy for the various roads everyone is taking in order to be fulfilled musically and spiritually. I wish everyone the best. I want to share something wonderful that is happening this year for me also. My husband Kris and I are expecting a baby in October! We are very excited. Until the baby is here I will be on the road working on my own music as Kris plays keyboards for Morrissey (with Matt Walker on drums). The band is very good and it’s an honor to watch them play every night. Well, thanks for letting me share this news with you all. Kris and I feel very blessed. Thanks to Billy too for wanting to share our joy about the newest Pooley. I know you are as excited as we are!

      Much love,
      Ginger Pooley sends their congratulations and best wishes to the Pooleys and we are all looking forward to the birth of their first child. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Pooley! [/quote:1nsik507]

      and another pumpkin bites the dust ( or at least a semi-related member of the squash family) ^^

      i wish her all the best of course, but that sounds like a moving on statement.

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      i wish her all the best of course, but that sounds like a moving on statement.[/quote:1vm6mvh5]
      I guess it is. :?

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      huh, well congrats to her, but i hope she doesn’t leave the band for good. but it isn’t like billy is in the studio or going on tour anythime soon, so she does need some $, cause babies are expensive.

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      i’m happy for her :)

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      oh wow…a baby pumpkin 8)
      Congrats to Ginger and Kris…
      Although that is quite the way of saying no tours this year.
      No drummer, no bassist..what’s next?
      DEMOS!!! hopefully

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      no keyboardist either. i was talking about this on and someone pointed out that Lisa is doing other stuff too and is moving on. she will be releasing a solo album. its on her myspace. :roll:

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      Let’s see what the future will bring….

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      oh, i forgot what thread i mentioned Lisa in. i put her bit up in the demos thread.

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      well maybe ginger and kris will come back after the baby, cause he does keyboards.

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      I’m happy for her, that will be a pretty baby.

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